Summerslam What finisher(s) would you love to see at Summerslam 2012

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by shrayan, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Discuss in this thread what finishing moves would you like to see in SS and why --------------------My favourites are----------AA from the top rope by Cena on Punk out of which he can't kick out,
    F5 by Lesnar to HHH ,
    Stone Cold Stunner to Brock Lesnar which will be a feast for my eyes,
    AND ......................A devastating Spear by a returning Edge to The Miz When he faces Christian for the IC championship
  2. Summerslam isn't RAW though...why am I in the RAW section? Now I'm confused.


    Also, I want to see Eric Bischoff do a Canadian Destroyer to either Mr. Perfect or Bret Hart
  3. Posting a new thread in the Raw section wasn't my idea though but its cool though
  4. :dafuq: eric bischoff? :dafuq: being athletic? :dafuq: destroying a corpse and an old man? :dafuq::facepalm1:
  5. ^:haha: Such a priceless reaction
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  6. I want to see the finishers of all the wrestlers who are competing that night!
  7. all the finishers are possible but don't you think you'll like to watch a good number of Vintage Finishers from legends like Ted Dibiase Sr. and all who aren't performing that night but are just coming back to heat things up
  8. Leap of Faith to Lesnar.
  9. Dolph Ziggler sleeper hold to win a match would be cool.
  10. I swear he's dropped that move, unfortunately. I'm pissed that he's dropped the superkick too.
  11. KellyKellys finisher is always amazing. Roll up FTW!

    Wanna see the fameasser from DZ and the night end with him holding the title.
  12. Yea I'm not sure why WWe seems interested in limiting Ziggler's moveset.
  13. Wait, not alot of offence... MITB briefcase... limited moveset.. SUPERZIGGLER. :booker:
  14. its not a finisher but i want to see spinarooni O.O
  15. Waiting for that F5.
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