What gimmick would you give Cesaro?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Leo C, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Antonio Cesaro is the current United States champion, and we all know he's a very good worker, always puts on good matches. His mic work, on the other hand, is quite poor, at least with his current character, which is one of the biggest messes I've ever seen gimmick-wise. They normally play on the fact that he can speak five different languages, and until not long ago, he had Aksana as his manager (who also can't talk very well). WWE seems to have faith on him and believe he'll be a great star in the future. If you could give him a new gimmick, manager, character, what would you do with him? Short term booking ideas are welcome as well.
  2. I'd give him an international banker gimmick like which Joe and I think Testify has talked about. Give him a lot of money and allow him to get some corporate stooges around him that can cover up his flaws like his poor mic work. He can literally hire someone to talk for him since he is "too rich to talk to common folk"
  3. Nice, that'd be a good way to work around it indeed.
  4. He could have an entire entourage with him to the ring, not wrestlers but corporate stooges, his "voice", his pack mule etc.
  5. Yeah, since they don't book Del Rio's money correctly anyway, it'd be nice to see Cesaro like this. A Swiss banker is nice. They could play on him being his Very European self from the indies and such though, I think that he needs to talk with a certain aggressive edge in his current gimmick, which gives him even more problems when he talks. The thing with his current character is that nothing really stands out, just that he's from Switzerland and speaks 5 languages.
  6. Normally I can come up with gimmick choices for wrestlers relatively well but I'm clueless on Cesaro. He's a heel but his face is too faceish for me. He can not talk at all on the mic from what I've seen which hinders any decent gimmicks heel or face. You can perhaps give him a manager and book him as a legitimately skilled technician who just out-skills his opponents and then does the heel mocking/boasting etc to get heat, but he'd need to go over some big names to actually have success with that.
  7. Banker gimmick would be good for him, indeed..

    I mean, look at old pic..


  8. I'd keep his current gimmick, make him a bit more snarky. Americans hate snarky Europeans who think they're better than us and still all our women with their Austin Powers like charm. In all seriousness that would work for him. Have him feud with Riley and it'd be perfect.
  9. Yeah, that'd be one of the ways to actually use the fact that he's European and his gimmick says that, it'd be good as well.
  10. :maybe:

    I can agree on the gimmick part but Riley needs to go over, man.. He really needs a push. Maybe a feud where both could go over in having them both win and lose maybe..
  11. The best way to get people over is not by win/loss (exp: failures with Sheamus and Del Rio). The best way to do that is to offer an intense rivalry that garners attention to both no matter who wins (exp: Austin/Rock). When Riley attacked Miz he was at the bottom of the barrel, but then all of a sudden the fans got intensely behind him that night. When he let loose, even I marked out. Put that in a rivalry with Cesaro and we have 2 new stars.
  12. Please, then..

    Riley is being wasted atm.. So sad.
  13. I heard that was Cena's doing, but I digress
  14. It was.. :upset:

    Fucking sad way to waste talent like Riley. The man gets a bigger pop on Superstars than Cena gets in RAW.
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