What gimmicks do you want to see on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. RAW has consisted of really generic gimmicks for a while now, what sort of gimmicks do you want to see? Gimmicks can make or break a character, Wade Barrett is proof of that.
  2. Crazy old man, angry with the new society and obsessed with winning the world title.
  3. The only thing I really want to see is a pyscho heel/tweener, ala The Joker. I used to think Punk could pull it off (I loved how he laughed during the EC match 2011), but now I guess Ambrose is the logical choice. I just don't like his name "Dean Ambrose." It has no significance whatsoever. Too many superstars use real-sounding names. It makes them all seem generic.
  4. How about a monster heel, that stays a monster heel! One that doesn't become a jobber/comedy character (I'm looking at you Tensai and Kane).


    :lol1: Damn Backlund
  5. :dawg: Well, it is a different and entertaining gimmick, isn't it? Quite fresh as well.
  6. Yeah, hasn't been done since, what, 1995? :lol2:
  7. Yes. Which is why it's fresh. :downer:
  8. If he does his patented knee walk, I'm in! :happy:
  9. Can't have Backlund without the knee walk. :obama:
  10. Ministry of Darkness gimmick.
  11. This probably sounds lame, but maybe someone who comes from Hollywood and was maybe an expert fighter or martial arts expert in film? That could cover his 'fighting background' but the gimmick would mainly be that he's a successful actor from Hollywood who's come to wrestling (they would just have to lie their ass off, but if Val Venis can do it with porno, why can't this work?) I'm somewhat thinking of the Johnny Cage character from the Mortal Kombat series.
  12. Not bad, surely not bad..

    Sort of Ken Shamrock who was awesome back in the day.. Man did I love his skill..


    My pick: Return of the Boogeyman.
  13. I want to see a creepy pedophile character. He can wear like knitted sweaters, horned rimmed glasses, and a mustache. He can be like WWE's version of Mr. Rogers, but I real f'd up version. It'd be pretty funny provided they dont take it too far
  14. Re: RE: What gimmicks do you want to see on RAW?

    Are we talking about the male equivalent of Vickie's cougar thing, or are we talking about a full blown, the Funkasauras "trade the n for a c" type of character. Where he's after little kids. Or if its just an implied aspect of him being a pedo.

    ~Three Said That~
  15. That would be stereotyping. Strongly against it.

    I would like to see Kane brought back as a monster heel instead of a comedy character [wtf wwe?]
    I would like to see a NWO like stable, with Punk leading them.
    Someone face like Goldust maybe, with totally blue/yellow entrance light and a chilling entrance music like Goldust had.
    Bike Riding Outlaw.
  16. Because stereotyping paedophiles is definitely something that mainstream media will complain about. Paedophiles have rights guys, duh!
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  17. Jeebak's right. That would look nothing like a real pedo (Just look at Jeebak's pic).
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  18. Alien gimmick plz.
  19. If you book a monster heel as a monster heel for too long, it just results in burials and irrelevance. But I would like to see better booked monster heels, like Mark Henry. Giving that incredible push to Big Show was annoying, there are much better monster heels on the roster imo.
  20. I dont think Vince cares about the media much. He already stereotyped with R-Truth, Tensai, and Khali.

    What i meant is that, I wouldnt like it because it would be a typical stereotype.


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