What got Jeff Hardy so over?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. He never received great booking, wasn't a great promo guy, was a decent babyface worker but not great and sure he hit the big spots but he got big pops whilst not hitting them so it couldn't just be that.
  2. His look. He has one of the best looks in wrestling imo.
  3. B/c WWE give him to many change to get a push!
  4. I think the big spots made people love him more though. And he does have a very good and original look. He's still my guilty pleasure.
  5. He's many peoples guilty pleasure to be honest. His gimmick/look screamed "badass dare devil who doesn't give a fuck", that will get you over in WWE. Yet WWE insist in changing it to smiley superface (Sheamus, Orton, Punk).
  6. I don't know, when both him and Matt Hardy were over back around 2009 was an all time low point for WWE.
  7. His suicidal offense. Watching his daredevil tactics was so much fun (See his match with Orton at RR '08) and he always found ways to give us memorable moments. Plus he was given the top spot on Raw after years and years of Cena and Triple H. Cena was injured, the ratings tanked when HHH got another shot, so someone, anyone different was an incredible breath of fresh air. Just so happened that someone was a longtime fan favorite who was finally given the WWE Title, long after he was due in the eyes of many fans, and the writers weren't incompetent enough yet to have him immediately drop the belt within a week to a "top guy" like they did with Christian.
  8. Yeah so glad they never changed him. They should have kept Punk like that..
  9. What really made jeff was his High Flying i cant recall the match but he put his opponent into a dumpster climbed a ladder and did the greatest hig fly jump that i ever seen in my life.
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