What grinds you're gears?

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  1. What grinds you're gears? What really pisses you off? What pushes you're buttons? What really ticks you the fuck off sometimes?

    For me, many things, but bumping my elbow real hard on something by accident really grinds my gears. Oh, and religious kooks.
  2. Nice Cannibal Corpse sig. Not a huge fan of theirs, but I can respect their work.
    Seeing them with IMMOLATION in a couple weeks actually. :yay:
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  3. Assuming things about a person based on other people they have encountered or making assumptions on a person based on how they dress/look.
  4. Animal abuse and humans causing animals to go instinct are huge ones for me. I swear every fucking animal is instinct and then animals we keep as pets get abused or mistreated all the time.

    In fact, tell me about 1000s of dying in war and I'm almost apathetic, but tell about some puppies getting abused or rhinos going instinct and I rage.
    Weird, I know.
  5. I don't know what grinds my are gears. I do however know what grinds my gears, people being illogical and irrational for no reason. And being woke at 7am on Sundays by people preaching their shit.

    Also, just seen deth's post. Animal cruelty.
  6. Really? Lucky bastard, you!

    I'm actually going to edit that sig and make it look a little more vintage to add to the effect. Hopefully I won't screw up the pic...i'm also gonna try and make my avatar a black tiger lol, not good at editing so wish me luck.

    You guys wanna know what else grinds my gears? Men who beat women for no good reason...like really? If you're having an argument, don't make it physical, theres no need to do that. If she punches you in the face, or tries to stab you with a knife, I understand if you need to handle you're business as a man, but if she doesn't touch you, don't touch her..
  7. Motors. Everytime they grind with each other I have to call my mechanic.
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