What happen to Cody Rhodes?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Franklin, Aug 31, 2012.

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  1. A lot people had high hopes for Cody Rhodes, and many pictured him being the next good heel. He had a lot of online hype during his ugly/deformed face gimmick. After losing the IC title Cody has been irrelevant. Things have gotten worse. Now he is mostly appearing on Superstars.

    What happen Cody Rhodes? Will he get his big chance?
  2. This is WWE, what do you expect. the same thing happened with drew. hopefully he will get his chance.
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  3. The main event simply is too full at the moment. There is no place for him at the moment. His time will come.
  4. Too bad Big Show buried him. He's still young and already very talented, I'm sure he'll be a fix main eventer in the future.
  5. I think it's simply down to creative not having anything for him at the moment apart from the little Sin Cara feud they look to be building up a little.
  6. Why does cody insist on removing sin cara mask? What's the deal with that?
  7. They put him aside right now, and as a Rhodes fan I'm okay with that. If they put him in the World Heavyweight championship picture right now, most likely his reign will be short because of Ziggler. And of course Creative is stupid and put Cena in the WWE Championship picture again :facepalm1: I think after a couple of months of Ziggler being the world champion, or something like Elimination Chamber comes up, he'll be back in the Main Event picture.
  8. What Rhodes needs is a personal feud above the midcard titles but below the main event. That needs good booking, something WWE constantly fail at, so it's just a random feud with Sin Cara and a random obsession with his mask and no promos explaining it. Just nothing, just completely random.

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  9. It seem's that way, although he does have the little videos in the corner saying his obsession on removing the mask is because he wants the world to see how ugly they are.
  10. I think Rhodes needs to get a gimmick again, right now he's just a kinda mischievous guy
  11. That's the best part! He's cocky and I love it!
  12. I think the opposite. He's back to being a semi one-dimensional vain character obsessed with appearances and uglyness, and he's at his best when he's a simple mischievous little prick.

    Will Rhodes be able to rebound from this feud? Possibly. Like Crayo said it's hard to be optimistic with this creative team, but Cody's a good enough talent to pull it off. But what is the point of Rhodes putting over Sin Cara?

    And get rid of that drawing too, him selling that as seriously as he is is embarassing.
  13. He's 27, just give it a little bit of time. He will go on to the WHC picture in no time. He jobs atm to Cara, who is one of the kids their biggest stars. Cody will go on soon.
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