What happen to Mr. Kennedy? Vince fears TNA?

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  1. I know Kennedy is with TNA as Anderson. However, the WWE said that Mr. Kennedy has never been seen again. They added a new article on the site about where wrestlers began their careers at. Mr. Kennedy was one of the wrestlers in the article. You can read it here. http://www.wwe.com/classics/classic-lists/before-they-were-bigtime-superstars/page-11

    This really stuck out to me.

    Vince really really doesn't want people to know about TNA. I understand that TNA is the competition in some fans' eyes. Apparently Vince may actually fear TNA. TNA has given fans a much better product in the past year.
  2. TNA doesn't exist in Vince's world so he doesn't mention it.
  3. If TNA is feared by Vince , he would have gave us a better product.I guess he just dont want people to know he's in another company. Vince doesn't give a shit about TNA
  4. Vince won't fear TNA LOL, as much as we all love the current direction they're going they're still below the WWE standard by a long way.
  5. The statement, as is, is true. The character Mr.Kennedy was never seen again. It makes no mention of Ken Anderson.
  6. This doesn't have anything to do with fear. Vince probably has no idea about this report; he has people run the website for him. Why would they mention competition where Mr Kennedy is now Mr Anderson? Kennedy hasn't been seen since, and this article is about Mr Kennedy, not about the guy who plays him.
  7. he talk about WCW and that was his top compury! So no i don't think so.
  8. [​IMG] ?
  9. The thought of Vince busting his ass to write these articles whilst tweeting made me lol, I'll never understand why people think he's so in control of every tangent of the company. I understand he's known as a control freak but give the man some credit he's running an international company what makes you think he cares about some article which was probably from an external source anyway.
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  10. cool photo. like the amine.
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  11. Vince doesn't fear TNA, he just doesn't believe in acknowledging anyone else, especially those who are potential competitors, and TNA is certainly that at least. They mentioned Tensai went to Japan and made a name for himself there but I'm pretty sure they never actually mentioned it was AJPW and NJPW that he made a name for himself at. They mentioned UFC but only when Brock Lesnar came over, of course, and there was no way to avoid it, although some contemplated the possibility they would try. Vince doesn't see UFC as true competition anyway.

    It's kinda a throwback to the 80's protocol and before, where different wrestling companies would go out of their way not to mention the competition. It was pretty taboo back then to do so. So, you get guys like Harley Race coming in the 80's and them mentioning he's won titles all around the world but never mentioning where he won them. Some people today don't realize how surprising it was when Ric Flair showed up on WWF television in late 1991 with the World Heavyweight Championship from another company. The 90's Monday Night Wars was different since Bischoff broke down that barrier when he had Medusa dump the women's title in the trash can on TV and gave away their results for Raw every week. The WWF were almost forced to acknowledge them on some level.
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