What Happened After No Way Out Went Off Air, Ryback’s Victims

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 18, 2012.

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  2. See you at RAW Johnny. :burns:
  3. are we rreally going to have to see johnny today
  4. God I hope so. Best thing about WWE at the moment along with D-Bry.
  5. :dafuq: ALL LIES.
  6. You can't handle the truth boy. Without a evil head honcho there is no excitement on a "global" scale in the company. Teddy Long is about as exciting as a pair of plaid boxer shorts.
  7. True, there has to be on evil leader in the company, and i don't Teddy Long. But i still don't like Laryngitis. he's just.. annoying. I' rather..


  8. You want Regal GM? Watch NXT :dawg: He be bossing around over there.
  9. I mean for RAW and Smackdown, not crappy NXT.
  10. Nah, I think Teddy because of the epic matches he comes up with.
  11. NXT is the best program WWE has at the moment, good feuds, great matches and awesome writing.
  12. Good matches, too many tag team matches (Much like SD And Raw) and Boring storylines.
  13. At least you're getting storylines on NXT (or were)

    Anyone know what Regal's role in Season 6 is going to be?
  14. According to a website:

    Show Spoiler
    Jim Ross and William Regal were introduced as the commentary team.
  15. That's all?

  16. Unfortunately, not very exciting :annoyed:
  17. Regal on commentary = gold
  18. I think he's the only commentator other than Matt Striker that actually knows the names of the moves. :true:
  19. This. People need to expand their viewing if they feel entitled to bitch about the lack of action on Smackdown. Did anyone even watch Superstars last week? Hunico is a boss. Regal is awesome on NXT and is doing what we wished so many older superstars like him would do - promote the future of WWE.

    Teddy is garbage, if he gets the job tonight im going to be extremely disappointed. I get the "someone has to take over" bs but really Vince could find a temp replacement (HEYMAN) or have a contest to see who takes over. After last night i wouldnt mind seeing AW try for the GM spot, you'd get to see him heel hard with the playas as he essentially GIVES them the titles. Either way im excited.
  20. That match with Gabriel... :gusta:

    Excited to see who the GM will be.
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