What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air - HBK/Vince/Taker

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Here's the video of Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night

  2. So the HBK Appreciation night was mainly for the crowd not the show. Sounded really great.
  3. T_T wish wwe would record these and put them on the website or something
  4. Sounds quite epic actually.
  5. This should of been aired live on Raw why do they keep stuff like this off the show???
  6. Maybe because everyone broke kayfabe. Why would an attention seeking Punk want to be there? Why would the dead man Undertaker want to be there and call him a friend? This needed to be off air.
  7. To protect Kayfabe. And the Shawn Michaels appreciation night which this was part off was just for the local crowd. Since the episode was shot in his hometown.
  8. the other video of this thats on youtube, one of the guys in the ref. shirts did it. lol....

    I wish I could watch that in better quality.
  9. Worse quality, but way closer.

  10. So Taker basically comes to RAW and hangs out there if he knows he's going to come out some time.
  11. i love fan recorded things :gusta:
  12. Very nice.
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