What Happened After Raw Went Off the Air

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. After the 20th Anniversary episode of Raw went off the air, The Rock walked up the ramp to cheers. CM Punk grabbed a mic in the ring. Punk challenged Rock to just bring it. Punk and Rock brawled again in the ring. Rock performed a Rock Bottom on Punk to send the crowd home happy.

    Punk was then helped to the back by referees.
  2. I also saw finlay... For a guy who "loves to fight" he sure didnt throw any punches!
  3. Gave Houston what they wanted. The ending to RAW was perfect though. Had better build for this feud than the entire Rock/Cena feud lol.
  4. Yeah, regardless of the ending this feud has been much better than Rock/Cena tbh.
  5. Well tbh, both of them were face and they kept saying how they respect each other despite all the jokes. It was never taken so seriously. This feud is entirely different since it's heel vs face and this kind of brawls happen all the time. It was great seeing The Rock like that. So yah, this is definitely more entertaining.

    Last week it was the awesome mic segments and this week a brawl. Wonder what's next?..
  6. Nobody cares about Finlay to give him Tv time. :sad:
  7. Interesting, but it's after the show not like it matters, just sending the kids home happy is all, and The Rock is the perfect person to use.
  8. its good seeing rock be mord physical than he was with cena
  9. Didn't see that coming.
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