What happened here???

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the heck happened in this pic?

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  2. Urm, the picture isn't really anything but a small piece of paper.

    Can you upload the image to imgur or something and post it inbetween [​IMG]
  3. Let's try again...

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  4. Fixed it for you :emoji_slight_smile:. You needed to click the image to get the proper image URL, the rest was fine.

    And lol that looks incredibly dodgy :O.
  5. I have the weirdest boner right now
  6. And Vickie is accusing AJ of inappropriate behavior? Seriously? John looks petrified.

    But really, what is going on in this picture? The poster on Facebook said it happened at a live event in England.
  7. AJ probably pushed Vickie, she landed on her knees and she's begging Cena not to hurt her as she probably done something heelish/bad to him earlier on that night because he's facing Dolph.
  8. Cena and AJ are going to punish Vickie :gusta:

    Even Vickie. XDD
  10. BAHAHAHA! He is quite easy on the eyes, isn't he?

    My biggest question is why does AJ have the MITB briefcase? Is she holding it for ransom?
  11. They probably tried using it as a weapon and she stopped them.
  12. As a girl I would totally kill people just to have an ass like his.
  13. John is actually self-conscious of his ass, or he was, that's why he doesn't wear trunks.
  14. The famed "booty got bounce" tweet!
  15. I would disregard this as coincidence, but she has a real firm grip on that ass, so i highly doubt that just happened :ksi:
  16. Vickie Guerrero: WWE's new "Hoeski" titleholder.
  17. That's the best I've ever seen Vickie look. She's nice and comfortable. Maybe that's why she has a job.... who ever said Vince doesn't get the most out of his talent?

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  18. Vince got Stacy and Trish in past years. He can do MUCH better than Vickie.
  19. Re: RE: What happened here???

    The real question here is can Stacy and Trish do it better than Vickie? She might know a lot of tricks they don't.

    ~Three Said That~
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