What happened to Bo Dallas?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. So, he eliminates Barrett from the rumble... then beats him on Raw... Gets booked as a legit underdog that casuals can buy into.

    Then he disappears and the feud basically ends, and Wade is stuck in an idiotic program with Sheamful. Ugh.

    What happened to the guy? Yeah none of us NXT fans liked him or thought he was anywhere close to ready, but the storyline was good...
  2. No idea, I don't know if he got over with the crowd at all :/. But I think his push was a little too soon myself.
  3. Imagine that pop at Wrestlemania for Bo Dallas!

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  4. I killed him. Fuck Bo Dallas man.
  5. Its probably that time of the month for Bo.
  6. Maybe Bray ate him to get his spot.
  7. Exactly. Dude would be great if they formed a smaller division/gave it a title, and told khali to retire beforeWM.

    Kidd would be champion, but Dallas took out Barrett, and then went back down to the starting point. I dont know if they were hurting on who to put into the Rumble, but either they are saying his peak was his 1st appearance, or he was lucky. Bad both ways.
  8. As the great DolphsFigger said "WTF is a Bo Dallass"
  9. What a great talent we will be missing out on this 'Mania. Damn.
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  10. At least the rub Barrett gave him wasn't waste----

    errr. My bad.
  11. I'd have rather seen Corey Graves come through. Nothing interests me in the slightest about Bo Dallas, not too upset about his disappearance since. The only rubbish thing is that Barrett has been stuck since, feuding with Sheamus wouldn't be so bad if they stopped with the stupid 'jokes' Sheamus is coming out with and made it a little more serious.
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  12. Jumped off a cliff when they told him that he would have to job to Khali.

    End of the story
  13. To be honest, I completely forgot that Bo Dallas even existed like a few days after his victory over Wade Barrett. My initial reaction while reading the thread title was "Who?", and I only remembered after reading the OP. I even saw the Rumble and everything, Bo just makes absolutely no impression whatsoever. They could probably book him as WWE Champion and I'd forgot his existence within a week.
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  14. :laugh:
  15. He left WWE and went back to working his job at Wendy's.
  16. Maybe the WWE was unsure if he could handle this storyline so early on in his career and decided to back off of it for a while.
  17. I lol'd but Punk actually is on to something here. If Bo were to continue with Wade than that would mean he would have to be in a match with him at mania. Bo just isn't ready for that IMO. That would make his six or seventh match a mania match, doesn't seem right.
  18. Crickets wouldn't even make noise for Bo.
  19. Well, this is good and bad. Mostly good. Bad because, you know, Barrett lost to him clean and they just dropped it, but good because we don't have to see Bo Dallas anymore.
  20. Seems likely, but I mean... fuck you WWE :dawg:

    Why start it in the first place then? These start/stop pushes do nothing but ruin guys (see: Wade Barrett)
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