What happened to Curtis Axel?

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  1. I forgot about him until I was reading something. Didn't Paul Heyman manage him for awhile?? I thought he was going to be one of the top dogs eventually. Now I can't even find him.
  2. He seems nowhere to be found, along with Damien Sandow. They used to be called the Meta Powers, but Axel was forced to drop the gimmick [due to WWE erasing Hogan] in the midst of controversy earlier this summer. The Meta Powers subsequently slipped into obscurity.
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  3. Genesis happened.
  4. he was on Table for 3 with Miz and R Truth and he looked like a sad sad jobber. Especially when Miz and Truth were talking about main eventing SS with The Rock and Cena
  5. just give him the Hening name or whatever plsssss

    even if he's boring he can work in the ring what's the worst that could happen fuck

    have him cut a promo about who he is, be a one man legacy, face or heel, whatevs
  6. He has potential but I was never a big fan of
  7. I was never a huge fan but he was a good wrestler. They do away with them because creative can't make good story lines and they keep BS ones going like the pointless love triangles that NEVER work.
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  8. Loved him. Especially when he first debuted, as Axel. Thought they were going to really give him the mid-card ball. Sadly his 0 charisma didn't do him much favors. He developed charisma later on, but the boat had sailed long away.

  9. And it blows that they actually do this. They have such a problem filling their shows up with different stories and matches although they have a ton of wrestlers that they don't utilize. Back in the day (God I hate talking like an old guy) they used pretty much everyone, which tended to give them a strong lower card. I mean, yeah, it wasn't the best wrestling in the world, but it gave more versatility.
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  10. I was never very keen on him outside of the ring until I saw an interview with him. He seemed like a really interesting guy and it made him a lot more likeable.
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  11. I can agree with this. In the 90's and early 2000's they made more of an effort to use what they had on different levels. I mean it is pretty bad and sad that there is a rumor that Daniel Bryan is cleared to wrestle and hasn't come back yet cause they don't know where to stick him. Another problem too though is they start feuds and kill them off too fast or prolong the wrong ones. Instead of focusing on trying to fit people in every story line, just make up for it with rotational matches that you KNOW wrestling fans will appreciate.
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  12. I just think they should always have a few solid lower card matches on a show or PPV. It's a good way to keep lesser talented or lesser liked wrestlers in the minds of their fans. They don't have to be long matches but they could be. Guys might put on much more amazing matches on the lower card in order to move up to the mid or upper.

    For example, in WWF (before heading to WCW) guys like Paul Roma or Jim Powers spent a lot of time on the lower card. They were decent wrestlers who although did not put on five star efforts, could often put on a 5 minute match that was pretty watchable.
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  13. Hogan was erased from history, Axelmania and Macho Mandow had to be too, give them a few months, maybe we can get a Royal Rumble return with them repackaged. But don't expect Axel to be big again like he was in 2013.
  14. Curtis sucked any way. Who gives a shit
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  15. Wow dude... Just wow. I don't even know you anymore.
  16. So once again a story line that sucked anyways killed someone's career.
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