What Happened To Damien Sandow?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. Hey All,

    I know I could do some of my own research on this topic, but I figured what the hell, why not make a thread?

    So, what happened to Damien Sandow. I get that they made Cena bury him and lose is opportunity so they could combine the titles and do the whole Orton feud. But, since then, they've done nothing with him of any significance. Did he piss someone off? Step on someone's toes? I mean what did he do?

    I'm not a huge fan of his and I actually enjoy his Mizdow character....but he went from be near main event status to nothing lol.
  2. i wish I knew! they told us why Ziggler was in the dog house and why Alex Riley was taken off tv , it should be soon that they say why he is in trouble..or at least we find soon. I'm getting so sick of this crap!
  3. Yea, I wanted to get some reasons as to why this guy just fell off the map.
  4. His "Intellectual Savior" gimmick always screamed Midcard Jobber For Life to me. I don't see why anyone should be surprised at all by his treatment. It's not like he was pushed to the top for awhile before being booked into oblivion, and no, winning the MITB briefcase doesn't count. That was just meant as an unexpected twist that no one saw coming seeing as how the plan was for Cody to win the briefcase off of him at Summerslam the following month, but then WWE Creative got hooked to the idea of the Rhodes Brothers fighting against The Authority instead and changed plans.
  5. What happened to Damien? It's what happens to everyone who gets buried... John Cena.
  6. He should've been given the chance to go with his Intellectual Saviour of the Masses gimmick instead of being "genericDow" and then being "CosplayDow" and losing all credibility he had. Honestly, I'd say if they decided not to unify the titles, his feud with Cena should've gone a long way but he should've at least been a good heel in the midcard, it's not like he can't cut promos AND wrestle. I'd say he could be where Miz is right now if not more. But Cena-itis caught him, just like it did with Ryder and Wyatt. :pity:
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  7. yeah, I know his image was somewhat stale...but, I enjoyed him more than a lot of the roster. I didn't know they switched plans like that...I would've much rather seen Cody win the MITB
  8. I know John Cena was the beginning of the end for Sandow....but I was more or less asking why he's jobbed ever since....or why he was booked to just get destroyed by Cena.....like did he play bad politics....piss someone off? what's the deal?
  9. Another brilliant move by WWE talent....bury your upcoming stars to talent that has been on the top for far too long and only getting older. :hmmm:
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  10. He's just not that good IMO, a fun midcarder sure but he never lights up a show.
  11. Isn't Sandow around 35?
  12. I was speaking in a generalized sense....but, idk how old he is
  13. well, yes, he may not "light up a show" but several stars don't do that and yet they're put in IC Title matches, etc. He is literally at the bottom of the barrel now.
  14. he's 32....still got a good 5-7 years in him.
  15. Who's as generic as Sandow and gets put in better positions?
  16. Honestly thought he was older, he's been around for a while if I remember rightly.
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  17. Miz. Sheamus. Cesaro. Kofi Kingston. RVD. Del Rio (I know he's gone now).

    I'm not discrediting any of the stars listed above, but their characters are pretty generic and they're in much better positions than Sandow.
  18. Never really get's the chance to though, both matches with Cena that happened earlier this year and then the night after Hell in a Cell last year pretty much lit up those shows. Instead since then he's been stuck in 2 minute matches and told to get squashed...

    Personally I hear it's because he got really drunk and smacked Linda McMahon's ass at the Christmas party.
  19. Miz has something fresh going with his character, Sheamus is a former world champion tbf. RVD is a returning legend, Kofi hasn't done anything for ages has he? Cesaro I'll give you that although his character work trumps Sandow IMO.
  20. Miz is still stale and he's the miz...he sucks. lol Generic and bad.

    Sheamus, former champ or not, we were comparing "generic:....sheamus, although good in the ring, is very generic.

    RVD, same old RVD. Generic.

    Kofi would or has been in a better position than Sandow. Sandow is literally there to lose for Miz and only make him look good. Kofi is generic.

    Cesaro, very generic....amazing in the ring.

    You mentioning that Sheamus is former world champ only proves that Sandow could've been given a shot and been world champ a couple times....again, I don't think Sandow is that great....just he shouldn't be brought down to where he's at.
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