What happened to M.P????

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Chemist45, Dec 23, 2013.

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  1. I was aware of M.P back in the day, never really went on it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Was it taken down?
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  2. Merged with Smackdown Hotel.
  3. Uh, the site with PuLs3? A couple of guys pissed him off to the point of him merging it with SDH and ignoring it's existence.
  4. WWEF > MP

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  5. I agree with Crayo. I always thought MP was better but after a couple of months off of MP, WWEF is where it's at. I prefered MP just because I was there from their beginnings. I was a big dog. Now, I'm part of the lower midcard. But I'll work my way up like a young Roman Reigns.
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  6. WWEF with Magnus' header>>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. MP 1.0 Was the bees fricking knees, especially with the setup of having:

    Puls3 - Big daddy Admin

    Vice and Jay - Puls3's helper Admins.

    And then you had all the Section Moderators which was great as well. Especially with @JwabTV being Media mod and @THG? being WWE discussion mod.

    But yeah, MP 2.0 was here and there, and it became a BWO vs Corporate Puls3 type deal, along with people on the forum going from being Puls3 marks --> Can't stand Puls3, which pissed him off.

    So he merged it with SDH, sold the MP server host to @Crayo I think.

    Now....Puls3 has a forum called Game Ventures.

    You're welcome for the unnecessary fact file btw!!
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  8. I was kinda like the DBry of MP, loved by most people, but disliked by the big nasty corporate man CMPuls3. I was probably the most consistent member of the forum and without me most of the sections would be awfully inactive, but while also being a really good poster, I tended to tick off some people now and then which didn't really please Puls3. After a ban, and a few warnings, I, and a few others, simmered down with the trolling shit, yet he still held disdain to me and a few of my buddies for no given reason. So after a 12 page PM with him, myself and another dude, he came to the conclusion that running MP was pointless and decided to merge with SDH (shit site) a few weeks later. Although I am partly to blame for the demise of the site, I think the way he handled shit was very immature and very selfish. I could ramble on and explain how it all went down with greater detail, the whole story, but I doubt any of you are interested in hearing it, if you are, just say so.

    But yeah, Ovalhead pretty much resumed most of the history well enough.
    It was great, and I still miss it to this day. So many stories and memories come from there.
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  9. Yeah, gamesventures.es. That's somehow funny, he bought a Spanish domain but the site is 100% in English. Don't know why I'm laughing, I may be crazy, haha.
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  10. I was God on MP, I didn't even have to post. It was in my name.
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  11. :isee: So you were Based God Darth (or whatever his name is) dad?
  12. I was the 13 year old kid. I think people bought it.
  13. Were you lol? Knew it was someone from WWEF since DZ joined at practically the same time, but couldn't get my head around who you were.
  14. I was the pregnant whore who stayed at the corner and flirted to everybody. Yeah, I'm a Miley wannabe, don't judge me
  15. Yeah, D'Z was going to call them out on trashing him and I wanted to watch. Since the age group was around 13 on the site, I made it my username. Someone bitched at me, forgot who it was.
  16. Probably a 13 year old? xD. Despite the average age group being 13/14/15, it was still a pretty knowledgeable site.
  17. Ehn. It wasn't a bad site, it's just that I didn't really care about BTB or WWE games. Like, I think it was too wrestling oriented. I understand both sites are pretty much about that, but the members here show a bit more character. That's just my opinion though.
  18. Yep, one thing I forgot to mention in my previous long post was that MP was never meant to succeed. The reason being that Puls3 had the ambition of it being a WWE Games site, but his idea never came to fruition as it mainly became a wrestling talk site with the BTB/E-fed section even becoming more active than the WWEGames section. He had a vision, but things weren't meant to go the way he envisioned things going I suppose.
    MP did have some great people though.
  19. I'm sure MP was great and all for you kids, but in the end, the better team won.
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  20. #VintageAIDS
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