What happened to R-Truth

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  1. Where'd he go?
  2. He belongs to the underpushed category, so you won't see him on TV much. :emoji_wink:)
  3. Getting squashed by Mark Henry & Ontunga..
  4. Failed a drugs test.
  5. He was such a beast heel.
  6. ^ This [​IMG]
  7. Who cares he is awful.
  8. Dude's awesome for his age..
  9. Re: RE: What happened to R-Truth

    Agreed I never saw his heel run as anything but a comedic mid carder, he's athletic but his wrestling ability is horrible and his promos whilst funny were never great.

    Longnecks and rednecks.
  10. He's not awesome for any age. Why do people act like he is the first 40 year old guy to not suck? Jericho, Daniels, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, ect ect are all as old or older, and are all better than R Truth.
  11. He's just fresh imo. Cool move-set & all. Henry bores me..
  12. Henry throwing people around and talking shit is 100 X more entertaining to me than R Truth wrestling like a wannabe Michael Jackson

  13. This was one of the best promos of that year. I can't see how anyone can diss his promos as a heel. Funny sure, but got more heat than Vickie most nights. He was so god damn entertaining.
  14. the only time R-Truth was really entertaining to me was when he dressed as a Confederate Solider in Richmond aka the capital of the Confederacy

    that shit was hilarious

  15. So much win.
  16. Crayo don't forgot about the "Little Jimmy" Theme Song!

  17. Didn't he go to Disneyland or something? #I'mjokingplayalong
  18. Michael cole made that entrance epic.
  19. He was highly entertaining the whole little jimmy thing and all his heel promos were genuinely hilarious.
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