What happened to the Divas'?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. The last time Layla was on TV was that bullshit mixed tag with Khali.
    The last time the divas' had a singles' match on TV was the AJ vs Layla match on June 30's Smackdown, they've had some mixed tags, but that's all. The last time they had a singles match on Raw was May 21.

    Yeah, they never get any reaction, but so little effort has been put into the division that there's no reason for the fans to care. It's not Layla's fault or any of the other ladies (now that Kelly's gone), it's all on WWE. If they can actually put anything resembling effort behind the division it could be a pretty good ratings draw for them.

    If WWE has this little confidence in the Divas' (not letting them wrestle for over a minute if they get on the show at all), then why do they bother employing them?
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  2. I read on another article, I think about a month ago, that WWE wasn't focusing on Diva's and Tag Team divisions because they were looking for the two people that were going to be the top 2 faces of the company. Regardless of that being true or not, I think the reason they don't push them is because they don't care. They don't get good reactions from the crowd, and they hardly get good matches now. Why they employ them, may be just for they don't get classified as being sexist, so they hire them for females can work there too.
  3. WWE has all their focus on main events that they don't care about anything else
  4. WWE is really shitty right now. The hour extension wasn't put in a good use. :[[ Where was the time where "men and women are equal" was believable in the WWE? Where was the time where the Divas were getting longer airtime they deserve?

  5. They should showcase them in a weekly show... Get rid of a shitty recap show and put them in their own weekly show... See if they get ratings?

  6. It is a shame. I enjoy the divas matches (not the one minute ones on Raw and SD but the good ones on Superstars or NXT where they get to have a real match). As it was said, the WWE is not using their extra hour of Raw well. I mean, they couldn't fit ONE diva's match in on Monday? And the Diva's belt is worthless. Layla may have the belt but AJ is the real diva's champ right now as she is the only one who gets any time on the air. Its just a shame. But you also have to look at the fact that many diva's have been leaving or whatever and I think it makes it hard for the WWE to write a story with them because of that. They need more divas to make it work.
  7. Vince was quoted earlier this year as saying that he feels the Divas are a waste of time but he also feels the need to include at least one match or segment with them every show because he feels they bring in a certain demographic. To me, they are beyond useless. The matches are shit and they can't even use them for things like Bra and Panties matches anymore because of PG. Maybe they should turn all of them into valets or other sorts of roles (like AJ's role, or Eve's role when Laurantis was still around.) They could have the occasional Diva's match when two women really get into it with each other, or a mixed tag team match maybe, but that's it.
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  8. They stay employed to do photoshoots for wwe.com and to help cena fans and little jimmys have something their parents wont find as pornographic. Thats all.

  10. Not sure if fail or intentional. Will still mock.

  11. God if you wont put them in matches at least put them in bikini contests!
  12. if beth not WHC in her career then i RIOT
  13. Pretty much as it was already said, they don't give a crap about them but they have them on the show because they attract certain demographics, avoid being seen as sexists, etc. Too bad, because if given time, they can work a very entertaining match.
  14. WWE lost faith years ago. The best Divas matches were on NXT but now that's gone (or gone as it used to be) there's no where to showcase REAL Diva talent.
  15. Knockouts>Divas
  16. who think it's true that when laycool was around there was more attention to the divas division just cause mccool and undertaker are together? -.- polotics!
  17. The divas division is dead Vince doesnt give a shit about them. Plus Kelly Kelly is leaving WWE and she was the only diva to get a reaction out of the crowd and since she has been gone the divas havent got any matches and even if they have appeared they get dead reactions. This shows Kelly Kelly was the only diva keeping the divas division alive
  18. the crowd goes crazy for her!
  19. You obviously knock one out when the divas fight
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