What happened to the knockout division?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. When I first properly got into TNA the knockout division was flourishing. Great storylines, great matches, etc. It's gone to crap recently but why? It used to be the thing you heard TNA really boast about and rightfully so, you had knockouts mock the WWE for the way they treat their "divas".

    What would you do to change it?
  2. Pritchard happened.
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  3. Bruce Pritchard happened. He is not a fan of womens wrestling.
  4. I'm sure there's a lot of people around him equal in terms of input.
  5. Doubt it's all Pritchard.


    Active KO's: Tara, ODB, Tessmacher.

    Were recently active: Gail Kim, Madison Rayne.

    Not active in a long while: Sarita, Rosita, Mickie James.

    Put on hold: Velvet Sky.

    Seems depressing, yes. :upset:

    Well at least we get to see every week the beautiful ref Taryn Terrell and Christy Hemme, and a ring girl SoCal Val.
  6. I'm not a big hater against this as I'm not really a fan of women's professional wrestling myself (honesty is the best policy), but I was actually interested in the storylines that once were in TNA, and it ruled out me using the matches as snack breaks/piss breaks due to lack of interest, which is a huge improvement to other companies. They have a decent knockout roster, especially Gail Kim and Mickie James.

    I despise Tessmacher...
  7. You do?:dawg:




  8. She's like the K2 of TNA.
  9. Overrated
  10. So are you, but nobody complains :dawg:
  11. FWIW, I can't stand ODB. Anyway, in some ways I do wish the KO division would improve and get back to how it was not so long ago, but at the same time I can't complain too much since for me women's wrestling is a "take it or leave it" item -- I don't care too much one way or another. I did enjoy how TNA's women's division was so much better and more involved than WWE's, so I miss that factor of it.
  12. Whatever gives you the impression Women's wrestling should be good?

    We could have 5 star women's matches and it would still wouldn't break wind for the casuals

    I think women wrestlers are fantastic but any story line involving them turns to smut. It won't benefit the chick, so why bother?

    Give them their quarter hour and let it burn. In case it isn't apparent, most chicks have their own shelf life and beat it on their own terms.
  13. Because people like this^ most likely run the Knockouts Division.

    Also they just don't focus enough on them, they need more screen time, use more Knockouts, better story lines, and make use of the Knockout tag team championships, also use more tournaments and stuff. YOU DO NOT GIVE UP ON ANY DIVISION AT ALL. That is fucking stupid and ignorant, any division can be repaired with correct booking, women's wrestling is a good thing to me, and Im a fan of it. They need to correctly book them is all and use all of their knockouts.
  14. Wrestling needs more true BITCH female wrestlers, and even more hotter. That's what casual wanna see, and marks too.
  15. He has a point though, I guarantee there's a lot of smarks/marks who simply don't care about female wrestling whether it's an exciting division or not. I would much rather see both TNA and WWE have a strong thriving midcard than an exciting female wrestling division.
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  16. So they should give up on a division because of that? :dafuq:
  17. Sexist.:dawg:
  18. Didn't say that broski.
  19. Don't you call me broski :tough: You sexist :gtfo:
  20. Not one person implied giving up on the division.

    Women's wrestling has a ceiling and can only be so good

    Testify is correct in his analysis that there is need of an antagonist

    If you can't have a Cena settle for a HHH/Flair heel who can garner reactions. They may not 'draw' but it keeps things fresh.

    Tbh, TNA has done this but it requires consistency and a person Pritchard will believe in
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