What happened to Tyson Kidd's push?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zach, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. He was getting a big push going into MiTB, but afterwards, he's been used sparingly on anything but Superstars. What gives?

    They had something good with the Tensai feud, if you ask me.
  2. WWE has a bad creative team.. I mean come on, they let Kaitlyn pull a victory over Eve? Kaitlyn fuck sucks.
  3. They were probally going to put him over Tensai, but Tensai fucked up with a racist remark, is he's getting punished which leaves Tyson with no one. Also think him getting a good push was just slightly because he was part of the Money in the Bank and wanted him to get more screen time because of it.
  4. Tyson Kidd for X-Division Champion.
  5. :haha: Well then Natalya will probally go to Impact Wrestling if Tyson does.
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  6. Blame WWE creative, they probably didn't have anything for him.
  7. fatty albert went and gone did be racist in the internet and that somehow messed up kidds push
  8. He's not fat. :obama:
  9. They probably just wanted a spot monkey for MITB, either that or that racist remark screwed Kidd up as well.
  10. Blame Tensai.
  11. #ThanksAlbert
  12. He got a push
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    Off the Raw card
  13. That made me chuckle. :obama:
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  14. As said before he was the spot monkey for MITB, his "push" was always a short term thing which they could easily discard and they did.
  15. What Seabs say is correct. Hopefully they saw that he can get good crowd reactions though and it will open more doors for him.
  16. Yeah Tyson Kidd was awesome and showed off alot of crazy moves WTF happened to his push???
  17. Did you just present an OP to the OP?
  18. :mog::thumb:
  19. :obama: :haha:
  20. They did the MITB thing with Bourne two years in a row I think.
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