What Happened When Raw Went Off The Air

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Jul 16, 2013.

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  2. lmao why the fuck would anyone want to see those two fucks in the dark ME? Why not give the fans a D Bry match like they wanted?
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  3. What about the match that was cut? Bryan vs Barrett>>>>>>>>>Cena vs Ryback
  4. It was such a shit match. Ryback was just clothes lining and throwing steel steps around then Cena does his usual comeback and then AA. Predictable and boring as fuck.
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  5. Was the crowd burying the entire thing?
  6. Yes and no. We booed the shit out of Cena, got our Goldberg chants in, but then most left. So in the end, all the Cena fans outnumbered us, and started cheering. Either way it was a shit match.
  7. The Ryback vs Cena has been the dark main event for a couple months now at almost every show.
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  8. grrrrrrrr!!!!!!
  9. What the fuck is WWE doing to Ryback? I guess Ryback is paying for that tweet he did about Cena's ex wife and also the fuck you gesture he to Cena in the ring on the Raw show after Wrestlemania 29
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