What Happened With American Wolves and NXT

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  1. So I am currently watching the Kevin Steen Show with Davey Richards and I am unsure if its public knowledge outside of the shoot about what happened with The Wolves and WWE after they didn't go to WWE and if this has been made before just delete it.

    Eddie and Davey were offered a TNA and offered the try out with WWE at NXT which included the TV appearance, they told TNA they cannot make their debut on the 16th because of commitments to NXT (at this point it was almost certain they were going to TNA), Davey had told Eddie that if they were offered developmental they cant do it because Davey cant move to Florida because of his EMT job and that if they are offered direct to TV its different, they get a call from WWE they say their talent is top notch but they can only offer NXT, Davey and Eddie speak with TNA and they get a deal with TNA 30 minutes later.
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  2. I'm not gonna lie, Davey botched like 4 times in that match. Eddie did perfectly fine though.

    I don't think Davey could survive in the WWE to be honest. They already have one vanilla midget. They don't need 2.
  3. I read over a brief recap of the show and that's pretty interesting, I'm not surprised they turned down an NXT offer tho to be honest. Not much talent there to show off against you know? Regardless I think the storyline they have been placed into now with TNA is awesome and things probably wouldn't have been this good for them in the WWE.
  4. I think they are better off in TNA. They are tag champs already and are a major part of the show, also they have a chance at winning singles titles more with the X division championship. I highly doubt anything would of become of them in wwe.
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  5. Davey: yeah, he'd have amounted to nothing outside of a tag team.

    Eddie could have been something.
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