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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Cereal, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. XenForo is gay why would anyone in their right mind switch to this uncomfortable, constipated gay "forum" software? The theme looks terrible on here and the forum just looks terrible with this new software. So why would the admin do this to us?
  2. I appreciate your opinion, but earlier on you asked how to make a thread... so I think I'll take software advice from someone else.
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  3. I also assure you Xenforo is straight. It's had many online relationships, and recently broke up with MyBB for being too simple. Xenforo is a stud.
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  4. So not true. This site has improved a shed load since the move. Much more streamlined and the theme is much improved.
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  5. Xenforo actually looks better. You may think it doesn't but it's your opinion. Actually I think it's easier to the users to create threads and posts. Thread prefixes look much better too. And this is my opinion. We read yours and now you read mine if you want.
  6. your forum and xenforo are both gay

  7. nuh uh. Xenforo and I go out and party all the time; bitches love the Xencray combination. Jellyfag.
  8. If there's any forum software that has doubts over its sexuality then it has to be VBulletin.
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  9. I'm sorry who are you again?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. loving da stars bro, they suit you.
  12. [​IMG]


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  13. This the only insult you know?

    Plus most times when someone insults someone over sexuality its cause they are confused themselves. So.....
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  14. >crooked teeth faggot tea sipping faggot british
    >wwe fan

    something is wrong with you fag
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  15. confirmed for faggot

    why so upset? god hates fags
  16. You missed out crumpet-eating, cricket playing, and queen worshipping.

    You've been signed up to WWE FORUMS since September 2012, and you use someone liking WWE as an insult. :hmm:
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  17. That's what I tell him everyday. High five, bro!
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  18. it's FAAAAAAAAAAG, let the a's breathe.
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