What happens when they reveal that The Shield are associates of Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Currently WWE are rolling with the idea that Shield are not associates of Punk and neither is Brad Maddox, but it is painfully obvious (unless we get a huge swerve) that they are simply because of how much they are mentioning it. So once they are all revealed to be working for Punk/Heyman, what then? Are they going to become a full stable? If so, are they going to be somehow involved with his match with Rocky?

    Or will this be a storyline that WWE will simply forget soon.
  2. More importantly, will they finally get rid of the black spy/security outfits or will they wrestle in them? :hmm: :haha:
  3. I think it should go one of two ways. If rock is going to win the title i want everyone to screw Punk. Including heyman and the shield. This would make The Rock the "rogue heel" He only comes around once in awhile and is too good for everyone and has the shield/heyman do his dirty work. If punk keeps the title i'd like them to screw the rock. When they reveal it either way I hope it's them staying with heyman.
  4. I'd rather they didn't tbh, Punk should do his own thing imo. Bryan on the other hand I'd love to lead them, say they're trying to let him recapture the aggression the WWE tried to rid him of. The injustice of WWE altering wrestlers away from their personas into the corporate mold anyone?
  5. I just hope they don't do a stupid conclusion to this whole thing, like revealing after 6 months that Hornswoggle was their leader. lol
  6. Punk was already the leader of Nexus so I would hate to see him have another group behind him right now.
    I'm hoping for a swerve of some kind.
  7. the WWE do something like that? :willis:

    .... It wouldn't surprise me. :vince: :pity: :lol1:

    I hope not though. :sad:
  8. The anonymous GM of RAW can definitely pull off something like that :lol1:
  9. I forgot about that huge skit. :dawg:
  10. Skit is too good for a description :maybe:
  11. The Shield helps Punk beat the Rock and remain WWE Champion.

    Then they help Punk defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    Then Rollins turns on the group and challenges Punk for the WWE Title.


  12. I think its punk but I really hope he get a huge shocker. Like a huge heel turn for someone who is currently a face would be nice
  13. I really don't know. I mean, if Punk was leading them why would Punk look worried when The Shield looked as though they were going to attack him next?
  14. I really hope not. I'm bored of people acting as if some Punk/Heyman lead stable is just gonna be the WWE/Raw's answer to everything. I hope The Shield stay as their own group because they stand out more that way. And I hope they don't add any more members to the group, because I like it just being the three of them. They have an interesting thing going on, with trying to right any 'wrongs' they see going on, it would take away from that to just have them revealed as Punk and Heyman's stooges.
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  15. I actually agree. However, I can't help thinking nothing seriously major can happen with those three without Punk/Heyman leading it. I would hate these three to suddenly take their attention to "injustice" outside of the main event (or outside of anything relevant), and keeping them around Punk/Heyman equals main event. They can still be their own group and lead by themselves and still be associated with Punk/Heyman, they don't have to be lead by them to be associates. You can think of them as allies, but if Punk or Heyman cross the line then Shield will deal with them too.
  16. Exactly. Heyman or Punk doesn't need to lead them. They can just be mercenaries being paid by say Heyman to make sure that his guy stays on top
  17. Shield - Hypocrites who are fighting for justice.

    They always say heels who believe they're doing the right thing are better heels.
  18. That's true for every good bad guy. I'll dip into the world of comic books for a prime example.

    Lex Luthor: Believes he is doing the world a favor by trying to kill Superman since in his mind the existence of Superman on earth is hindering mankind's evolution.

    A bad guy is always the best when he believes himself to be the good guy. Miz works after this system as well as he has pointed out in multiple interviews.
  19. It's a poor storyline & hardly original. This will die just like the nexus and corre died. Hopefully the guys in the group will survive it
  20. I still think they just had to find a way to make Ryback lose dirty as far as Maddox goes. The Shield too, but I don't think it was just for that, but since that was the start of both angles (making Punk retain against Ryback) they're a bit lost. But as you guys said, the Shield should just be the three of them with possible associates in Punk and Heyman, but not that they should lead the Shield or anything.
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