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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by GeeTeaIye, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Now, I've rewatched MITB all star match, and at that moment when Sheamus was hanging from the briefcase, it could've easily snapped, right?
    Would he be considered the winner, then?

    And I've had this question for a while, what if a wrestler forgets to kick out at 2, or simply takes a bad fall and can't kick out?

    Do they take it as granted, what the hell happens in these cases?
  2. I suppose they'd probably say that it doesn't count and that he has to remove it the correct way and then they'd get someone to put it back up or something.
  3. They botched the finish of the Hardcore Title battle royal at Wrestlemania, Hardcore won the title insted of Crash, then droped it the next night. So it has happend before.

    CRASH HOLLY WAS A BEAST!! Besst 400 pounder ever!
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  4. Lol, WWE knows their shit.

    I just thought in my head how hillarious it would've been for Sheamus to fall with the briefcase. Everybody would look at him like "WTF".

    And then Randy would RKO everybody.
  5. Just set up a one on one match for the briefcase the next day or the week afterwards. It's nothing hard that can be done.
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