What has happened to Randy Orton?

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  1. Has anyone else noticed how much stock Orton has lost since 2010? He got put in a average match against Kane at WM28 and lost. He got suspended and came back but hasn't had a sniff of the world title. Many will argue and rightly point out that he put on some of the best matches against Punk, Christian, even Henry but ever since hes been on Smackdown hes abit more laid back, less intenxe and has been very lacklustre when it comes to the mic.
    In 2009, Randy Orton Owned Raw. He was the center of the show with his Legacy Group and he had his heel Viper persona down perfectly to a tee. He was evil, venomous and when he was on the mic he was demonic and awesome.

    In 2010, he turned face which I was actually excited about because I thought he could be the cool, take-no crap from anyone type of guy. He was that guy until he went Smackdown. He shakes fellow faces hands now and is not really that intimidating looking viper from previous years. Maybe the WWE have given up on him because of the suspension I don't know.

    Look at his entrance from Bragging rights 2009 where hes going into a huge 60 minute Iron match against Cena. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8U663yCfL0 Clearly hes in his prime there and has his character down to a tee. Now hes been booked against Heath Slater? Cmon now.. WWE need this Orton back. Cm punk rules the roost now but the Heel Randy Orton from 2009 was untouchable.
  2. Orton just doesn't work as a good guy. As a heel he is entertaining since his mannerisms suit a heel. As a face he is super bland.
  3. He can't even BE full-face. A face doesn't flip people off. (at least not in PG days)

    Come to think of it, Orton is an AE face.
  4. Yeah thats it exactly. His ring work is the only thing thats saving him at the moment. His character as a face is awkward and doesn't feel natural. Suppose its abit like Y2J.. just born to play a heel.

    Its such a pity because Orton would be back where belongs with Cena and Cm punk if he went back to the 2009 Orton who destroyed the Mcmahon family. 2009 Orton was more than a match for Cena and would be certainly for Punk.

    With Del Rio's face turn theres no way they will keep Sheamus and Orton face. Id say they have to make a storyline where Orton feels sick of not being in the spotlight and he will get back to his vicious self.

    Just look at Orton's interviews throughout 2009 and you can see an unstoppable heel. His interviews these days are generic, uninteresting and bland,
  5. Vince finally took my advice and depushed that overrated sack of dog shit.
  6. You know....That I have to agree with.
  7. Yeah, his face character doesn't work. It's bland and boring, although his in-ring work has improved a lot when compared to his headlocking self, but still, doesn't mean he can't work well in the ring as a heel. A heel turn would help his gimmick a lot, it simply doesn't work with Orton as a face, no way to get away from that, really. And his mic work these days... ugh, simply awful indeed.
  8. Hes still my favourite wrestler despite him doing really nothing as of late. Orton got me back into wrestling in 2007 with his feud against Cena and his dad. I just saw this vicious, cold-blooded character that I found intriguing to watch. Then, in 2009.. Boom! Even haters of Orton can't argue with him that year.

    After that, WWE slowly made him into a generic face. Now look where he is. I'm loyal though, hopefully they turn him Heel soon
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