What has happened to the Tag Division?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. At the beginning of the year, this was a thriving division with numerous potential champions, and now it's turned to shit. Thanks in part to Hunter bringing back his old buddies NAO, it is really boring now.

    The Rhodes brothers have been totally buried. Once they were the most exciting pairing but now they're appearing on back-to-back pre-shows and Superstars instead of RAW. The Usos losing at EC was lame as sin. The Real Americans no longer compete as a pair which is a loss. I have no idea why they split the PTPs who will do nothing as singles competitors. Rybaxel are a decent team but they'll never hold the belts. Everyone else are all jobber teams.

    What new teams/feuds would you make to improve the division?
  2. I kinda count Luke Harper and Rowan too as a team.

    I'd throw DY into Xavier Woods & R-Truth's little gang, if that's even still happening. Titus & Damien Sandow would make a good team again..Miz, Dolph, Sandow could be a disgruntled employee stable.. I like Cesaro in the singles but if they ever wanted him back in doubles he'd make a great teammate for Rusev.
  3. As I've said all along this tag "renaissance" people have harped about was all smoke and mirrors.

    I think the NAO/Usos feud could be awesome but look at what happened Monday. They had a decent idea but it was given 3 minutes to run resulting in double jobber entrances and a 2 minute segment.
  4. Mania time. Singles matches take priority.
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  5. I didn't see the sense in splitting the PTP. I don't really see anything bright in their futures as singles competitors, and they always seemed to me like they would have made the perfect career-long tag team since they were entertaining together and rarely had bad matches. I actually thought a feud between them and the New Age Outlaws for Elimination Chamber would have been good and that we could have got some entertaining segments between the two teams leading up to the match.

    I guess you might find it a shame that all these teams are splitting up if you care about the health and growth of the tag team division (which I don't), but I personally don't think it's in as bad of shape as some people are saying it is. The Usos are still there. The Rhodes aren't likely splitting anytime soon since there's no signs of a breakup between them, and the perfect time to signal one would have been with their loss of the tag team titles but that was a month ago and still nothing on that end. (I guess Goldust was telling the truth on Twitter recently when he said the time had passed for a match between he and his brother.) The Los Matadores will probably never get a run with the titles (unless it's a transitional reign) but they're still an exciting tag team to watch in the ring. Harper and Rowan are there. The Outlaws, despite some wishing they'd go away, are still entertaining to me and can still have good matches. Ryback and Curtis Axel make a decent tag team. Swagger can always get a new partner after he splits from Cesaro. The Ascension is sure to debut sooner or later. Etc., etc.
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  6. Batista recruited Titus into the WWE. There's your most likely reason for the split. Batista going to bat for a friend.
  7. Look at Main Event spoilers. Titus ain't getting no push.
  8. Point still stands. Batista and Titus are friends and he id anyone is a likely culprit in getting Titus more of a singles shine. It's a bit too co-incidental that Titus goes solo right after Batista returns, otherwise we'd have seen more build leading into the split of PTP instead of randomly recreating the Chryme Tyme split.
  9. Damien Sandow and Bad News Barrett could work as a tag team.
  10. I'd mark like crazy and potentially die of extreme disbelief that the WWE would ever book that as a team.

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  11. And to think, a couple of months ago I was thinking "holy shit, the amount of teams!" Now we just have NAO shitting all over The Brotherhood and The Usos. Also, what happened to Los Matadores? New 3MB without the TV time.

    Also, if they were going to have Ziggler, Miz and Sandow OR Sandow and Bad News Barrett together, the WWE would almost redeem themselves for the shitty NAO return.
  12. Still think they shouldn't have split the PTP, honestly my favourite Two man team on the roster.
  13. Bring up English, team him with Sandow. Natural team right there.
  14. It's un-fucking-believable. How quickly the division has declined makes me cringe. The Usos should have won the titles. I'm not here to bitch, but Jimmy and Jey are the only relevant tag team that I enjoy watching. As you said @Brad Wyatt, Cody/Dustin are in the dog house, and The Real Americans haven't wrestled together in a while. Cesaro is probably going to continue as a single competitor. And of course, PTP is out of the picture. Just when I thought the TT Division was gaining steam.
  15. Well, it is 'Mania time, Usos vs. NAO will probably be apart of the Pre-Show to be honest but I still think Team Maddox vs. Team Vickie in some sort of 6v6 match could plug in all of the tag teams.
  16. Sorry, OP, but I just don't get anything you're trying to get across.

    Not too long, the division was crap, but the fact you can mention so many teams from the recent months tells me your argument is a bit lopsided.

    I haven't seen the tag division thrive this much in quite a few years (in terms of the sheer number of teams we've had). I believe your issue stems from the fact your guys haven't won it, which is fine.... I don't get it... but it's why forums exist

    I hate the Uso's and The Real American's personally, but they are over and there's still hope. This isn't the 80's/early 90's where cats were fine rubbing two pennies together to remain a team b/c they couldn't find better work otherwise

    Titus really wants this shot, you should be happy for him. The New Age Outlaws were brought in for help build feuds through mic work. I'm impressed by that. The Rhodes had an excellent run. I think HHH has done fine and will continue to do so
  17. Finally, the Usos are champs! Hopefully, the NAOs are leaving after their match on Main Event tonight. I have not enjoyed their final run at all.

    This division is so fucked now. Usos v Rybaxel at Mania? They need to create a couple of credible teams soon.
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