What has inspired you to make changes in your life?

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  1. Everyone has something in their life they would like the change or make better.
    Have you ever been inspired to grab that bull by the horns and make the change?
    What inspired you to do it?
  2. Learning from my brother's bad mistakes helped me avoid some stuff and make certain choices I guess.
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  3. You inspired me
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  4. Basically the onlything that motivates me is my mind. Once it's committed it goes to full on commitment mode. It's a snowball effect on everything in my life and it's borderline obsessive, but I always get what I want.
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  5. To never own cats, I know. :win:
  6. Gets to gettin mister! :angry: SNOWBALLS TO FACES! :yes:
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  7. I try to make my life change daily. Nothing specific inspires me, I just don't want to go through the same shit every day.
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  8. Uh not much. Nothing inspires me, I do what I do because I want to do it..
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  9. Getting shit done inspires me.
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  10. :pity:

  11. I'm kinda similar to this, whatever maximises my short term enjoyment I guess.
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  12. Tbf, this video is one of few things:

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  13. Your boobs
  14. Said Ryan Albin, shortly after coming face to face with a Transvestite for the first time.

    Ahh, honestly when i went to college it was getting laid. I was good at math and chemistry and was way too interested in partying and playing videogames in the dorms (baller) until we got paired up with partners for projects in both classes. The next semester that didnt happen, and i skipped class a grip, wasting quite a bit of cash on courses id retake to get a better grade in later. I didnt care until i stopped going to school around 22, and started to pay off my College bills. That loan minimum payment doesnt do jack to help you out, and i worked my ass off (to be fair it was bartending) for quite a few months, throwing my cash at them for a year i ended up retaking 80% of, and that is what inspired me to not be such an idiot and to get my moneys worth in my education.

    It took a couple more years of making really good cash bartending to get back into school, but it was easy to convince myself to study again.

    Other than that, thing's im interested in i have no problem diving into for days/weeks/months at a time.
  15. this web site alone tell how many dumb ass there are out there!
  16. At least they arent fake Packer fans. You burn/donate your jerseys to deserving kids yet?
  17. there's One of them....and that would be you.....
  18. Anyway, I've been trying to be a bit more active in my life......I mean I haven't got anything to do usually but I recently finished my DofE Bronze and It's Made me become more Active in my life (Not doing my Silver...).
    My Inspiration would be my Friends.....Even though they can annoy me sometimes, their good company.....and they've always tried to help me get more active....I'm Lonely :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. A tube of Neosporin and a drawstring tied to it.
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