What have you learned from part-time WWE World Championship project?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Mar 29, 2015.

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  1. Brock Lesnar, since returning in 2012, hasn't been present at any house shows and has only done select RAW's and PPV's/Special Events. Since becoming the company's champion his schedule hasn't varied much.

    The Rock, from January 2013 to April 2013, did much of the same. He, too, was the company's champion at that time.

    Given time to digest this, what is your take on this new concept? Many were salty at first, but I've seen people coming around.

    Could this be done regularly or applicable to a select few? If so, who are some individuals you'd enjoy in this role.

    Evil Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Austin or maybe HBK are a few I'd have enjoyed in the part time role.
  2. The last thing I'd want to see is this becoming a regular thing with everyone. Keep it as something exclusive to part-time attractions like Brock Lesnar and The Rock (although in Rock's case, it wasn't that bad; people complained that he wasn't on Raw every week, but he was still there most of the time and he never missed a title defense on PPV since his reign was so short.)

    However, I know that not every PPV main event has to center around the championship. Hypothetically, if Brock Lesnar wasn't champion last year and the title rested on the shoulders of either John Cena or Seth Rollins instead, I still wouldn't change a thing in regards to how the Survivor Series main event was booked - a non-title, huge traditional tag team elimination match with The Authority's power on the line. I mean, it drew 100,000 buys on traditional PPV despite the Network being free to everyone for the month of November, so they obviously did something right there without needing the title. There's other examples, but that's the best to use recently.

    So I'm open to the idea of maybe going the odd PPV (preferably no more than once or twice a year at the very most) without a title defense. I wouldn't mind the champion himself missing an episode of Raw or Smackdown here and there either. However, going three straight months without a title defense or without the champion ever appearing on-screen at all is ridiculous. With Lesnar it couldn't be helped, but to start doing with others regularly would be tiresome and frustrating.
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  3. I am not a big fan of the idea, but it doesn't bother me as much as it did at first. One positive that I see coming out of it is the other less prestigious titles like the IC and US titles get a chance to shine and take a more prominent role. The funny thing is with the results of WM, and the guys you have with those belts, now is the best time for a part time champ like we have been having.
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  4. The extreme that I could see proceeding from this idea would be the notion that one (namely CM Punk, possibly) could semi-retire and still potentially enjoy the fruits of a World Championship run.
    Of course, such a prestige would have to be earned. I'm not sure of the locker room morale, but with WWE being the only show in town there aren't many options.
    Steve Austin has made note that these cats are just happy to make TV, if that's the case only a select few (Ziggler in particular) would have an issue with this concept.

    Lesnar is an exceptional talent and is perceived as unbreakable. The Rock was passed his prime, so the person suited for this role would have to be exceptional in some area (mic work, ringwork, merchandise) to pull this off.
  5. I don't know I like when they throw it in every once in awhile, maybe not make the reign last so long itself but I'd say every couple of a years maybe try something like that, I wouldn't make it a yearly thing.
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  6. we've learned that Brock Lesnar is bigger than WWE. Nobody else would get away with this type of schedule and still be booked like king kong. I'm not even knocking WWE, I agree with their assessment. Lesnar is that badass that if this is how often he wants to work, you bend over backward to appease him and say thank you for the dates he does work. Nothing in WWE amounts to anything compared to Brock. There is nobody walking god's green Earth that can give you the feeling when watching wrestling that Lesnar does. He is just the baddest hombre around
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