What have you watched on the Network?

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  1. So far I've watched the first elimination chamber match, and I'm planning to watch some DX things after I post this. What have you guys watched?
  2. Countdown's coolest catchphrases (thanks to Watch Wrestling)
  3. definitely not this:

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  4. Part of ECW One Night Stand 2005, An ECW show from 1993, and a Raw from 1998.
  5. not really because its not streaming right on my roku box
  6. 1989 Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania I, ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997, WWE Countdown: 10 Coolest Catchphrases, a MSG show from 1975, Bret Michael/Shawn Michael Rivalries... that's it so far... going to watch a couple more random PPVs tonight. Edit: and I watched RAW Preshow and RAW Backstage Pass
  7. Really? Roku was like the only thing me and my roommate could get it to work on earlier!
  8. Nothing yet, planning on me and my dad watching a shit ton of ECW shows and PPVS.
  9. I really wanna watch a lot of the ECW shows as well.
  10. Tried so hard to watch Judgment Day 2004 and 2005, they don't work.
  11. Just finished Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart rivalry.
  12. Nothing, I tried last night and it had latency.
  13. Alright, Judgment Day 2004 DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.
  14. Yeah same for me... shows the TV MA and then tries to start but doesn't, just the little spinning loading symbol.
  15. Also, they show different warnings FFS. On my iPad, it shows TV MA for Sexual Content, Language, and Violence, and on WWE.com on my PC, it shows TV MA for sexual content.
  16. OK now JD 2004 starts working and apparently they added the timeframes of where certain matches of the PPV started.
  17. Mine's still not working... they are still working out bugs apparently... but good news is that their first 2 live broadcasts did well last night... they were only 30 minutes each though.. the true test will be the 2 hour NXT live broadcast Thursday night. Still enjoying it anyway as most of the content is working.
  18. Same, the live broadcasting goes perfectly fine from what I've seen, all just depends on what NXT does on Thursday.
  19. 1996 Royal Rumble is fun!
    Bottom left you got The Ringmaster (Stone Cold) and Fatu (Rikishi)... Laid out on the mat is Shawn Michaels, next to him is Owen Hart... Bottom is Kama (The Godfather).. Top right is Dr. Isaac Yankem (Kane) and Big Daddy Diesel (Kevin Nash).. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (HHH) was eliminated a minute or 2 earlier. 123 Kid (XPac) was also in there along with a ton of other AE stars just before the start of the Attitude Era. I'm enjoying this.
  20. I haven't signed up for my free trial yet :silva:
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