What hour should the Cruiserweights be featured?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Botchie, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. Waiting until the third hour when the crowd is just well over dead on a good night to showcase the Cruiserweight division doesn't do them any favors. The cruiserweights need to get time earlier in the show. Opening the show probably isn't an option but they should have their own 15-30 minutes alot earlier. Where would you place the division? Do you have a problem with what time they're featured?
  2. Just throw em out there randomly each week 2 keep the fans on their toes!....... I wouldn't want them just designated to 1 hour personally
  3. Unfortunately that's not how big business operates.

    I think they should be in the second hour, definitely not the final hour, when people are falling asleep, but put them on too early and it de-values the division - Makes them seem less important on the card.
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  4. Makes sense.......But a cruiserweight match as the main event every now and again would be nice for the division

  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Hey a guy can dream right? lol
  7. Keep sleeping.
  8. Yea good idea that's the only time I can be alone with Alexa Bliss is when I'm sleeping
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  9. Have em kick off because more people will always watch 1st hour
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  10. I'd have them open the show every week...
    If I had my way...they would open every
    hour...3 matches a week...and have the
    matches build to number 1 contender
    spot for the Pay Per View title shots.
  11. The CW division should get an hour of air time each week, indeed. The 3rd hour is the most boring one, so maybe put 'em there to wake everyone up? Idk, maybe that wouldn't work after all.

    I'd much prefer if they got an hour of air time combined/throughout the show.
  12. Open the show with 'em. If they are the adrenaline of WWE, that's the perfect way to start Raw, no?
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  13. If the WWE wants the main spotlight story to be Roman Reigns, Rollins and friends then they should be utilizing the 3rd hour. 1st hour should go to the cruiser weights
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