What human achievement do you want to see in your lifetime?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. There's a few for me...

    - Colonization of another planet
    - Contact with alients
    - Cure for alzheimer's
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  2. Feline World Domination.
    I mean....

    Underwater farming systems in the ocean. I don't mean growing plants under water but in actual domes so things like lettuce, carrots, peppers, ect can be grown. Maybe even having an underwater village in a giant dome.
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  3. clean energy would be fantastic. Anything that really helps the environment really
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  4. 100% clean energy and zero poverty. Both very unlikely if the population allows corporations to run the show, especially in the US. Another personal favourite would be an end to national borders/nationality as a concept (in other words: no official divisions between people), but even in 80 years I doubt that'll be popular.
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  5. Cure for cancer if I had to pick just one. But also no more poverty or wars, and clean energy
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  6. The cure for Cancer is the big one...

    But on a more left field note...the viable
    revival of extinct species of animals would
    be a wonderful way for humanity to give
    something back to nature.

    No Dinosaurs of course...we've seen how
    that turns out.
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  7. Discover how to beat Roman Reigns clean!!!
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  8. That's an easy one...

    Just wait until he gets a second wellness policy violation...
    Trick him into jumping into the back of an ambulance like a moron...

    Just make sure you aren't around for the aftermath...or
    he may attempt to murder you.
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  9. Discovering/meeting Alien life.
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