What I got in my Brown bag special.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Varus, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. I made a video of me unboxing it but I don't really feel comfortable showing myself on here yet so I'll just type what I got. For those of you who aren't aware of the brown bag special it's where they put 1 action figure,4 DVD's,1 banner,and 1 shirt in, and it's all random, which makes it really fun.

    Sting action figure ( I'll just hang this on my wall I guess. Nothing else I could really do with it unless I have a son who likes wrestling)
    No banner ( Yeah. I was pretty mad when they didn't put the banner in. But whatever I guess)
    IMPACT gray shirt(I was really hoping for a AJ Styles shirt but I'm happy with this one.)
    Lockdown 2007 (Card looks great)
    TNA global(NJPW vs TNA, I didn't even know this happened!?!?)
    Twin pack:emoji_slight_frown: Two came with this one, Hardcore Justice 2011 and No Surrender 2011)
    TNA Asylum years (A bunch of 2002-2004 stuff. Pretty sweet!)
    IMO you guys should grab one of these soon before they stop selling them. I'm satisfied with the things I got.And if one of you guys ever got one then tell us about your goods.
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  2. This is only 20$, right? Well worth it seems.
  3. Shipping and Handling affects the price of course but yeah, it's well worth it. But don't forget that it's a brown bag special so you might end up with 4 2010 TNA DVD's,a Hulk Hogan shirt, a Dixie Carter action figure, and a Jeff Hardy banner. It's all about the luck. I still suggest that you buy it though.
  4. With my luck I'd have a Chavo action figure, Jeff Hardy t shirt and best of Immortal DVD in my pack.
  5. Wish I could get one of those, sounds like a sweet deal.
  6. Taryn Terrell action figure please.:adr:
  7. Tara banner please :otunga:
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