What i like & Dont like about Impact

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by ukwwefan2012, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. its seems like its been ages since i have been on this site, this is due to the amount of exams im doing at the moment. hopefully i will be on this site be and be involved more oftem, seeing as my exams finish in like 2 weeks or so.

    Okay, so i am mainly a wwe fan, i dont usually watch tna regularly. However, recently i have been feeling burnt out on wwe seeing as they i think they have dropped the ball on alot of stuff theese days and also gone back to the old days wen cena overcame everyone and everything. i mean the main event at no way out is big show vs cena (is there annything more i need to say).

    so for nearly a month i have been watching impact regularly and have been impressed with what i have been watching. the infamous iwc portray tna as the lowest of the low, but i think that is an unfair judgement. guys like roode, styles, aries ect really make it interesting to watch. plus, slammiversery is really looking to be a great ppv (probably u will be reading this after the ppv). the fueds are good and so are the matches. however these are some things that i dont like....1.the fact that the ring makes soo much damn noise wen a match is taking place. it really can get annoying. 2.even though i never watched if fully, i read results and stuff like that on the internet, and from what i have read and seen, doesnt sting return every 2 months? 3. the fact that this whole dixie/aj thing is starting and ending the shows 4.the constant heel/face turns. 5. hogan's constant need to be in the limelight, and to make it worse, now he has brought in his daughter who knows nothing about wrestling and will probably take time off the show that could have been used for a match of an important segment.

    so sum up, i think there are alot of positives and indeed alot of negatives. personally, if i were dixie carter, i wud get rid of hogan and bischoff, decrease the amount of pointless backstage segments, stop getting former wwe guys who couldnt prove their worth there and bring up aries, daniels, storm and magnus up into the main event. also, make the tv title more prestigious. sorry that this post is all messed up, i kind of wrote it in a rush, but hopefully u guys enjoyed reading it and please leave a comment on what u think about impact and what u like and dont like about tna at the moment.
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  2. I don't think any of this is really debatable. However, many TNA fans see AJ Styles as their John Cena, and putting their biggest star in an impactful storyline in a main-event spot really isn't a bad thing, is it? (Even though TNA clearly sees Sting as their biggest star) So much emphasis on Hogan does nothing but piss us off, and segments like that one to announce the #1 contender's match should. just. not. ever. happen. They've cut back on the heel/face turns quite a bit. I hate it when people in the IWC rip TNA nowadays, because virtually all wrestling fans watch WWE, and not only is TNA far and away better than WWE right now (despite some subpar episodes recently) but whenever TNA Haters talk about TNA they usually do a better job describing Raw than Impact (see Ziggles). The roster is loaded with quality young talent and has plenty of ex-WWE relevant star power as well, and if they could do whatever they can to make sure the people watching notice all this talent, maybe eventually they'd stop laughing at all their flaws.
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