What I'd Like to See in the Future....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nice Person, Mar 6, 2014.

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    A) Big E. Langston VS Brock Lesnar
    B) Brock Lesnar VS That New Russian(?) Dude
    C) Mark Henry & The Big Show VS Brock Lesnar & Big E. Langston(or that Russian(?) Dude.
    D) Everyone in the WWE VS The Wyatts
    E) Daniel Bryan VS Triple H(Stipulation Match! If Triple H wins, Bryan has to get a haircut, a shave, an get with the program. If Bryan wins, Triple H must retire from the WWE(i.e., no 'behind the scened shenanigans - he's **really** out.)
    F) The Big Show, Mark Henry, Undertaker VS The Wyatts(if the Wyatts win, the Undertaker retires, if they lose, they have to get an a) haircuts, b) shave the beards, and c) take a bath.)
    G) Ryback VS Brock Lesnar
    H) Ryback VS The Russian(?) Dude
    I) A Steel cage, no holds barred, tables and chairs match between: YOU PICK EM! :-)
    Comments, Ideas, Questions?
  2. Didn't we see Ryback take on Lesnar at WM XX?

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  3. No, that was Gillberg. He and Goldberg look a lot alike.
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  4. Ah. I stand corrected.

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  5. Ok, and what about the other considerations, or do you not wish to make any comments?
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  6. A) Could be alright.
    B) It would actually not be a bad idea to have Rusev destroy Lesnar if they want to get him over as a monster who can destroy anything in his path.
    C) I don't like Henry and Show as a tag team. It just causes too many problems.
    D) I have a feeling that, before it's all said and done, the Wyatts will have had some interaction with just about everybody.
    E) Sounds like every other "If so-and-so loses, he must join the stable" match. I like those when they're done right (for instance, Mysterio should have been forced to join the SES back in 2009...at least I think it was 2009). Unfortunately, they're usually not done right.
    F) Again, Henry and Show teaming together. Just doesn't work.
    G) Already made my smart ass remark about this one.
    H) I would actually have Rusev's destructive path halted by Ryback and let them feud. They're both hosses in the ring and have that "indestructible" gimmick. This would be a good place to have him meet resistance.
    I) I hate the fact that the "steel cage match" has become so watered down. It used to be a major thing for a feud to be decided in a steel cage. Now, it just feels lacking. If it was old-school rules, I'd love to see Bryan vs. Orton in a steel cage, where nobody could interfere, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I think it's a match that could blow off in that environment. The other one I'd like to see (and I'll probably get shit for it, but I don't care) is Punk vs. HHH in a steel cage, theoretically keeping the Authority out of things. I think those two could tear the house down in that environment.

  7. as soon as i saw this thread title all i could think of was "in the year 2000" from conan o'brien...
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