What IF André the Giant wins the WWF Title at WM3!?

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  1. Yes I know you all been wanted it back so he is the returned of the What "IF" seris!

    What IF André the Giant wins the WWF Title at WM3!?

    Now all known or should known the story behind WrestleMania 3 that Hogan was plan to win it but Hogan was very neafed that André the Giant would changed his mind and win the title. Hogan and other wrestle backstage nickname him "The Boss" If you do not belive me please watch this video documentary www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZbmR8rnJvk this video is not part of wwe! If André the Giant let himself win the title Hogan has always said that it would have fine and nothing would have changed in many inviewed. I really do think we would look at WWE a lot different if it did not have been this way. But what do you all thing!?​
  2. *won
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  3. u did not win shit! please stay on topic!
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  4. lol it woulda saved us from the years of hulkamania that followed
  5. Pretty sure the entire concept of professional wrestling would have changed so dramatically that nations would have fought over the results. That one match had the potential to cause nuclear warfare and if The Giant had won, I feel we wouldn't have the luxury of typing on a computer today.

    During the Post-Apocalyptic nuclear state of the world as a result of the match, the entire world would act as slaves under one nation governed by the WWF. There would be no civilians, no unemployment. Everyone would work for the WWF and there would be no outliers. Any outliers would be taken away to be purged (or at least people assumed they were being purged).

    Surveillance would have been global, with activities being broadcast live through channels accessible by anyone and everyone. Crimes would be handled by pitting the criminals against each-other in a to-the-death match. The winner would be rewarded with life-imprisonment in solitude.

    There would be a group of shadow-walkers known only as the TNA, who would fight to seperate the state and give power back to the people. One civilian will encounter this group and work with them to demolish the entire organisation and reorganize the free-world.

    Or something.
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  6. I'm not sure why Andre would have won. As you said OP, the entire match was built to reinforce Hogan as the top star. Andre was basically retired, and Vince more or less begged him to come back and do this favor for him. I don't mean to be a buzzkill, but the possibility seems odd.

    I suppose if Andre went over, then they would have successfully killed the Golden Goose, Hulk Hogan. Profits would certainly dwindle, and 93,000 people would have gone home very disappointed.
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  7. Also Santa and The Jesus and little gray aliens watching from outer space would have given up hope on humanity. Alien death rays would have shot down and destroyed the Pontiac Silverdome.
  8. Andre winning the title would have made no sense. Andre was in terrible shape at the time, which is why he didn't wrestle again after that night until the inaugural Survivor Series in November. There were even fears that his condition was so bad that he might not even be able to work WM3, which is why Paul Orndorff was kept off the powerhouse WM3 card despite having a hot feud with Hogan the previous year that broke attendance records at the Big Event with 74,000 plus people. In the event that Andre was too hurt to compete, Orndorff was gonna reignite his feud with Hogan for the main event instead. It was the next best option.

    By all logic, Hogan losing would have been a bad idea. Andre obviously wouldn't have been able to carry the strap for a sustained amount of time (he was semi-retired for a reason) and Hulkamania was firing on all cylinders. I don't think there was ever any question on McMahon's part as to who was coming out on top. The whole reason the match was booked was because it had been a big deal when done years earlier (when Andre was the face and Hogan the heel) and Vince knew how big of a match it would be for the expansion era, especially to have Hogan overcome the giant.
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  9. You read my mind. I was trying to entertain the idea, but it makes no sense to me. I cosign your entire post.
  10. ur forgetting Andre as Hogan said in many inveriw he did know if Andre would let win he was the giant he was not going to fight a giant as he said. And Andre could won and just left then or do a storyline like that a year later way he forfend the title after only a day later. And that not why it was booked! the storyline was Andre had been unbeating for 15 years and that he was the uncrown champion not Hogan.

  11. Why would Andre do that? He was a consummate professional.

    On a side note, I seem to remember you having a better grasp on the English language. Maybe not, but it's difficult to sift through and discern what you're trying to say.
  12. b/c he a giant and he was known as the boss! a guy who had that much power as Hogan said in many inveiw can do what he wanted. So I just saying what if he did?
  13. Gotcha.
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  14. No, I remember that. Hogan talked in his book about how Vince was getting input from all kinds of people on what the finish should be and who should come out on top and that he didn't make his final decision until the eleventh hour (which is slang for "at the last minute"... I'm quoting Hogan verbatim here.)

    But in the hypothetical event that Andre wins the belt (I feel kind of funny fantasy booking something that happened before I was even born, but OK), maybe he forfeits it and then "retires", saying (or rather, having Bobby Heenan mostly say for him) that he has nothing left to prove anymore, he's beat even Hulk Hogan just like he beat all the others, and now Hulkamania will never be the same and will slowly wither and die from here on out. Then, perhaps they run a redemption angle showing him clearly suffering from the loss to Andre and feeling he let all the Hulksters down. Maybe they do a one-time special PPV (similar to Wrestling Challenge in November of 1985) where they hold a tournament that centers around the vacant title and Hogan gets it back (or another heel wins it and then drops it to Hogan later.) Hogan then says that Hulkamania is now back stronger than ever and this eventually takes us to Wrestlemania 4. Two things can happen here: either Hogan can challenge Andre and say that he still has that dark cloud over his head of losing to him a year before and he needs to get rid of it, or Bobby Heenan can bring out Andre on his own, saying that this is still the one and only man to ever defeat Hulk Hogan (keeping in mind that Andre himself was marketed as having never been defeated period.) Heenan challenges Hogan to yet another match, knowing that this time if Hogan loses, there's no way his career can possibly recover, and Hulkamania will be squashed forever. The end result either way is Hogan defeating Andre and getting his redemption, and feeling like Hulkamania is alive and more powerful than ever.

    This sound familiar? Aside from Hogan getting the belt back sooner, it's almost entirely identical to Cena's redemption angle in 2012/2013. Except people actually would WANT to see Hogan get his redemption, unlike with Cena. But all things considered, it made the most business sense to have Hogan come out of their WM3 match victorious, and Andre understood that, thankfully.

    (Wow. Clearly didn't mean for that post to be that long.)
  15. Dude Hogan said in inveiwed I watch it 1 day ago if I can fine the video again I post he state that he did know if he was going over or not even though vince told Hogan that he was beating Andre. Andre could easily change mind during match. Hogan knew sopost to win but he did not if Andre would changed his mind or not b/c he I guess was a looker leader back though days acouse to Hogan he was. He was nickname "the boss". I like ur story though. But it would suck then b/c Randy Savage would never had become Champion then :emoji_slight_frown:. Just thinking about that make me sad.
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