What If Bray Wyatt Retired The Undertaker?

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  1. We've all heard the rumors of Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31, and given that Wyatt has dropped subtle hints of it in his last two promos on Raw, it seems like this is probably the set direction they're headed in after all. So, since everyone assumes Taker is winning this match just to get some personal "redemption" for himself after his loss last year, what would your reactions be if Bray Wyatt won and actually retired the Undertaker instead?

    I know there's about five or so arguments you could throw out against it - it's ridiculous for Undertaker to lose twice in a row at Wrestlemania (or even lose again at all) after going undefeated for 23 years, Taker being 21-2 means that the person who beats Lesnar at the end of the night can no longer say they were the one to beat the 1 in 21-1 (although Taker being 22-1 would fuck that mantra up a bit as well), Undertaker vs Sting at WM32 next year in their home state of Texas, etc. But nevertheless, I'm trying to think outside the box here. Taker is known to be one of the most selfless guys in the business, so what if he's decided to let himself retire going out on his back against a younger guy who's the perfect dark and enigmatic character to vanquish him from good, and who would benefit from the rub tremendously?
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  2. Even if Bray did retire The Undertaker, I would never remotely consider him having the same aura or even being on the same level as Taker.
    Would just be stupid at this point to have him go against Taker. If they made him beat Kane clean on his debut and that following year had him face Taker, it would be a different story. Now there's no point because he's lost to almost about everyone. Bray will go down as a unique character, but his presence will never match Takers.
  3. Meh, can't say I'd be invested in this match too much.

    They've been building up Wyatt as strong as they can and if they just have him lose to Taker, what then? What's the benefit for Bray?
    But, I also don't see them having Taker lose two years in a row.
    At the same time, I'm pretty indifferent about the Streak, Taker should've retired when he was 20-0, so now they can do whatever the hell they want with it.

    However, I do agree that they should do Sting vs Taker next year at WM 32, since it's being held in Texas, let Taker have his final match there.
  4. Taker needs to kick rocks
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  5. Can't say I care about Taker much at this point (nor that I trust them to book Wyatt well), but that'd be fine.
  6. Bray vs Taker is what's up. Bray's certainly grabbed that mystique of supernatural aura. As far as not having the same aura as Taker... uh of course not. Taker's been at the aura game for a minute, let's let Bray get his sea legs before making blanket statements such as "I'll never see him on the same level as Taker." Ahhh... I'd like to poll you on that in 10 years.
  7. I, personally, couldn't give a shit about Undertaker anymore and feel that he should not wrestle anymore, period.

    Same goes for Big Show and Kane... but then Vince would be crying about a lack of big guys lol
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  8. Today, Wyatt is small pickings. In 1991, when Undertaker defeated Hogan for the championship, it was completely out of left field.
    Fast forward nearly 25 years and Undertaker is an undisputed legend in this business.
    Neither of us know Wyatt's future, but he's young and has all the tools to last a very long time and leave a mark in the industry.

    For the sake of being theoretical, Wyatt beats Undertaker and retires him.
    Assuming Reigns defeats Lesnar at WM 31, this fact further would link the two together far beyond the Wyatts/Shield feud.
    I've always pictured Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns is natural rivals. Whether they are heel or face is irrelevant, the two seem tailor made to oppose one another.
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  9. I disagree. His presence may not match takers... Hell I don't think anyone's will...but that doesn't mean he can't get damn close and put on a great match with taker.

    In my opinion, they should've shocked everyone and done this last year with bray.

    Bray should've beaten him at 30
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  10. And then they reveal that Sara (Taker's wife) is really Sister Abigail! Fight ensues yada yada yada

    I would like to see Bray get the rub, but other than that....I dunno. I feel like they could get a REALLY good storyline out of the two, but will WWE actually do that? Probably not. Especially with such little time left before WM.
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  11. I like the Undertaker. I love everything he stood up for in the back. I love that he made a ridiculous idea fuckin legit spooky for a kid growing up. That being said, Bray should steal his soul! Thatd be dope.

    HOLY SHIT!!!! or for you movie fans that have seen childs play (chucky) Have taker win and perform some ritual which embodies himself in Bray, cut lights, and never see Taker again. Thatd be siiiiick
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  12. Although the I agree with this under most circumstances, Bray is a master feud maker. He can make this fun even with short time.
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  13. Love this idea. Much like he made a return at hell In a cell and did that creepy ghost thing with dean, he could easily beat taker... Then take his soul and act even darker and more dominant going forward. Establishing himself as the new prince of darkness.

    Bray is the modern taker whether we like it or not. He's creepy, good on the mic, the ring, everything. Let this guy have a fucking good run!
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  14. I'd mark my dick off.

    Bray Wyatt isn't as great as the Undertaker? WHAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?! Taker putting him over would be a huge move in the right direction, it's just another example of people wanting things both ways here. If Bray beats Taker, he could go vs Lesnar at a later date for an even bigger match, if Taker beats Bray, Bray won't be buried...but what does Taker have to gain from it? A match vs untard+t-shirt Sting next year?

    So many people here understand how it works; they realize Bork is gone after WM and will not retain, HHH and the Authority WILL lose, but the same people fangirl over who they want and why they would be disappointed. DB wasn't even expected to be back, and this "pushed too soon" shit for Reigns could be used against him. He's been on TV for 5 weeks now, with matches against the GIANT likes of Kane? He isn't Austin, he is not HBK, DB could get injured again the night after WM and with the Authority gone, what then?

    With Reigns, we have Shield fallout (finally) and for a major cause. /Rant - for now.
  15. There's always the idea Wyatt could retire Undertaker at Summerslam instead.
    Retiring Taker at Mania is a huge deal, but retiring Taker in and of itself is fantastic too.

    If I'm not mistaken, Wyatt has a streak going at Summerslam, albeit small.
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  16. And there's always the idea that this match might not even happen. :zayn:
  17. [​IMG]

    seems pretty obvious doe
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  18. Wow fucking spot on. Im awesome
  19. I hope you're all prepared

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  20. LOL, they'll totally have Wyatt losing to Taker. There's no good news for whoever loses the match.
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