What IF Brock Lesnar NEVER leave in 2004!?

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  1. What IF Brock Lesnar NEVER leave in 2004!? Ok so Brock duing 2003 was cleanly the Face of the WWE at that time NOT PG BITCH JOHN CENA! How ever that had turn into a heel mid way though 2003 after he was doing ok as a face when he beat Kurt Anrge for the WWE Champion at WM19. But then made him tap out like bitch to Kurt at Sumer Slam of 2003 and then had him win it back. Then made him lose Eddie G. for teh WWE Champion at 2004 No Way Out, I don't know If Eddie was plan to be WWE Champion or if that gave it to him to get Brock drop it since that knew he was leaving for NFL USA Football? But anyway either the way how different is the WWE today if he stay with WWE itsead of going to a fail football job? Would WWE still be TV14 today? WOuld Cena never being the face of WWE like Brock said when he came back in 2012? What do you all think? Though?​

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  3. I honestly don't see Lesnar carrying the company for some reason, he had a great aura sure bit his promo ability was horrible, Cena would have surpassed him based upon his charismatic nature.
  4. I think it may be more entertained, but I preferred he left because he got his fight skills to a bigger level
  5. Firstly, yes, John Cena would still be the face of the company today. He was gonna pick up steam as a baby face no matter what, and they would have still pushed him accordingly. Obviously, things would end up booked differently getting to that point if Brock had never left.

    Secondly, JBL might have never existed as a character or if he did, it would have been in a much different way. That one year title reign certainly wouldn't have existed during that period. There was a huge lukewarm feeling on the internet back in the day when Bradshaw suddenly went from tag team guy who was barely on TV at that point to a guy who was main eventing for the WWE Title at Judgment Day 2004 (which has the best blade job you'll ever see in WWE) and then winning it the next month at the Great American Bash. And the only reason this was the case was because with Brock gone and with Kurt Angle injured until about August, there were no other heels for Eddie to compete against. And Eddie also felt in real life that he wasn't the right guy to be carrying the strap and wanted to drop it anyways, so they had to come up with something, and that's why they decided to create the JBL persona and push him as the top heel. With Lesnar still hanging around, this would not have been necessary and who knows how Bradshaw's career would have turned out.
  6. Dude Lesnar was the face WWE! And I don't if Lesnar have mad have u his main event staddis to keep cena down.
  7. I remember making this thread literally a year ago lol. Hold on let me see if I can find it.
  8. http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=3079

    wasn't too tough lol
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  10. He wasn't, he was a heavily pushed star on the Smackdown brand. They named games after him sure but it was HHH who was king on the main show. They were grooming brock but until he made headway on RAW he was never the man.
  11. DUDE BACK THEN SMACKDOWN WAS THE NUMBER 1 SHOW! HHH did not main event WM19 Brock did! by time WM20 he was leave so it did not mader at that point. BROCK WAS THE FACE NOT HHH!
  12. Sugar plum Raw is always bigger than Smackdown, Brock did main event WM as they were trying to make him the face however the main selling point was Vince Hogan. Look at all the promo material.
  13. DO SMACKDOWN BEEN BETTER THEN RAW FROM 1999-2009 END OF STORY CASE CLOSED! That had the WWE Champion from 2002-2005 (2008-2009) Whch is better then the World Title in WWE minds. Better matchest, Better Wrestler, AND BETTER GM! The only go gm RAw had Was Stone Cold and Eric. Oh also better tag team! ANd Alos if Raw was so better why did Vince chice to own SmackDown over Raw!? END STOR CASE CLOSE SD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Raw!
  14. Raw was live, Smackdown was taped which one was the flagship show? Don't kayfab me Frank.
  15. That period from 2002-2005 was when the World Heavyweight Championship was considered more prestigious than the WWE Title. The storylines going on with Triple H and Evolution were always treated as the 'main event' storylines of the company.
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  16. I'll predict his reply now : Lesnar mainevented Wrestlemania 19 though wow yet OK?! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:IPEBOMB:
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  18. UH NO? The world title was never bigger then the WWE Title! That out it hard up on the card but it was never bigger then the WWE Title!
  19. The world title was easily bigger than the WWE title during that time.
  20. Uh ok and in 1997 Raw was Tape! WHAT U FUCKIN POINT!? Does that mean when Raw was taped Raw was not there flagchip show? :pipebomb:
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