What If Bryan/HHH Ends In A Disqualification?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Mar 16, 2014.

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  1. It's just something that occurred to me, but what if instead of Bryan actually gaining two huge victories (one over Triple H, the other in a WWE Championship match), he actually only defeats HHH by a disqualification? I know it's not likely to happen, and I'm willing to give HHH the benefit of the doubt (in real life) that he'll put over Bryan and be fine with him winning a whole separate match later on, but still.

    At some point during the match, let's say Triple H gets fed up and increasingly frustrated with not being able to put Bryan away and decides to say fuck it, and takes out his old trusty sledge hammer and just nails Bryan with it and gets himself disqualified. He then continues to do damage with it in an attempt to injure Bryan to the point where Bryan can't possibly compete in the championship match later in the night. (Of course, Bryan, being the ever resilient and never say die babyface that he is, manages to limp put and pull off a victory anyway.)

    The next night, Triple H tries to bullshit people into believing that if he could have beat Bryan if he wanted to but decided it was best to just revert back to his old ways and make it easy by ending Bryan's career entirely right then and there. Of course people would know he was bullshitting and only got himself disqualified to avoid having to take a loss, but being full of shit is a natural part of being a heel. At the same time though, by not actually SEEING him eat the pin fall or submit to the Yes Lock, it can make a difference (albeit a small one perhaps.) Triple H can move on to his next feud while maintaining a certain heat and 'aura' about himself since he wouldn't have officially jobbed in the normal ways (pin fall, submission) just yet. I know many feel Bryan picking up a clean, decisive victory over HHH brings the whole rivalry with him full circle, but honestly, HHH needing to get himself DQed still sort of shows that Bryan (in HHH's mind) was more than capable of winning, and meanwhile, the MAIN thing people want to see - Bryan winning the gold - still happens regardless. It wouldn't be a bad idea imo.
  2. I honestly think they wouldn't do something like this simply because it's WM 30 and it is the biggest wm so far.
  3. Sounds pretty horrible IMO. Its a continuation device not the blowoff Mania should be, this arc needs some closure and that just doesn't do it. Any other time I like the concept just not at Mania.
  4. I agree, but the fact that this isn't the main blow off match for Bryan (the championship match itself is, and the HHH match is now just a stepping stone to that) is what makes me think it's a tiny bit plausible.
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  5. This. I'd hate it, but as long as Bryan still comes out on top later on, I can put up with it.
  6. The last thing we need to see is Triple H on Raw bitching and making excuses for the way Bryan won the belt. Keep your nose out of the way of simple storytelling Hunter
  7. I've said this a million times. It's Wrestlemania. All the Bryan screwjobs have led up to him winning it all at the biggest show of them all. Your sitch would be ridiculous.
  8. Bryan needs to end this entire Authority feud bullshit by beating Triple H cleanly and finally doing what he set out to do; win the championship. End of. Triple H shouldn't be so stupid as to try and continue it.
  9. Here's the thing, though: I don't see Mania being the "end of the Authority angle" unless some stipulation is inserted about HHH "being fired" if he loses (or something along those lines). The original plan was, as I understand it, for there to be a match between HHH and "Vince's Champion" (whoever that ended up being.....early word was CM Punk, but we know how that's gone) for control of the company. That plan apparently went through several changes and was basically scrapped by the Rumble (although the HHH/Punk match was still the plan). The reason it was scrapped was that the Authority wasn't being played or getting a crowd response like the heel faction it was originally designed to be (the humor in the situation now being that HHH/Steph/Kane are now actually acting like a heel faction). Because of all this, I would fully expect, unless something changes in the next 3 weeks, for the Authority to continue after Mania. But we'll see the Authority working to screw WWEWHC Bryan, a la McMahon/Austin, probably with Batista and Orton as the "corporate champions".

  10. I'd say it's likely. Would you care if he still won the title?
  11. If Bryan does win by DQ, then wouldn't he technically go on because he beat triple h? There'd be no point in a beat down, so I'd rule that out.

  12. *You* know, and * I * know, that **everyone** in the WWE **knows** what is going to happen, and what will happen...What *we* the people that buy the tickets, the merchandise, etc., need to realize(some of us, that is) is that what **we** want really doesn't matter..It's what the **WWE** wants that matters to the **WWE.**
  13. What's with the stars?
  14. Something cool will happen, not sure what. Can go many ways, this is a viable option. We will see.
  15. To a large extent, I agree with you.

    But, just like every author, songwriter, scriptwriter, etc., you have to, to some degree, pay attention to what's popular/what your fans want. In any creative enterprise, you can delay giving them what they want, but, eventually, there has to be a payoff for what the reader/viewer/fan wants.

    WCW had a huge problem with this during the nWo angle. The fans wanted to see the nWo be good, but, in the end, they wanted the good guys to win. Sadly (at least for WCW and WCW fans), the people in charge (even the ones before Russo) didn't understand it until it was too late.

  16. They're(the stars) are there to emphasize words..
  17. Are you in the Bermuda triangle of thoughts
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  19. Ok, made a goof there; But anyway.. How about this? The Big Show comes into the ring, body slams Triple H into the canvas so that only his legs and shoes are showing, *then* pulls Steph's head off and drop kicks it into the upper bleachers? What a Show!!!!!
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  20. That's not PG.

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