What If Bryan/Triple H Opened Up The Show?

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  1. What if they actually opened up Wrestlemania XXX with Bryan/Triple H as the opening match on the show?

    Hypothetically, I think it could be a great idea. Wrestlemania XXX is all based around the Daniel Bryan story and opening and closing the show with Daniel Bryan getting a victory in both instances brings the whole night full circle. It makes sense in kayfabe terms too, because it gives the winner of the match as much time as possible to rest and recharge before the championship match at the end of the night. Some people have stated they have an issue with Bryan looking "too strong" by defeating both Triple H as well as big stars like Randy Orton and Batista in separate matches on the same night, but spreading the two matches apart by literally a few hours (as opposed to, say, an hour or so) should help with that issue (it actually shouldn't be much of an issue anyway, but that's another story.)

    I know you could just as well book it at or around the middle of the show but I wouldn't completely against it as the show opener. Instead of holding a 6-8 minute match on the pre-show, you could announce ahead of time that Bryan/HHH is the first match of the night and do a countdown to how close we are to seeing the two clash at the beginning of the show to see who goes on to qualify for the main event. You could also do any pre-match interviews between the two during that time. With four big matches on the card (the two Bryan matches as well as Taker/Lesnar and Cena/Wyatt), putting this at the start helps to spread the matches out a little. If we assume that there will be eight matches on the card, then the championship match will obviously be eighth and last, Undertaker/Lesnar will be either second last or third last (with the battle royal or the Diva's Championship match going on in between) and Cena/Wyatt will be like fourth of fifth or something and Bryan/HHH, of course, could be first.

  2. I automatically assumed it would. People tend to downplay whatever segment opens a show, but it really does set the tone for the rest of the night.
    It's no different than writing an article in the paper. The first paragraph is designed to grab and the thesis is designed to tell you how the story will unfold
    A performer of Bryan's caliber is perfect for that spot. HHH does tends to drag his feet, but let's not forget Danielson was most outstanding wrestler in the world some 7 years running

    HHH may not 'like' it, but his presence will be felt later in the show. If Ziggs had a singles match, I'd favor him in the spot... but ummm....yeeah....nevertheless, making this Mania memorable is necessary since Mania XX kind of ummm....yeah
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  3. I believe that the 4th hour will be given to Bryan v Hunter and then the triple threat main-event. They won't want to do Bryan's entrance twice or 2 video packages. Bryan can easily wrestle back-to-back matches, bearing in mind he will get a long break during Orton and Batista's entrances. Plus, if Bryan wins first, the crowd will just be so pumped for the title match while undercard matches are ongoing. Also, Hunter opening the show? Dat ego gonna be hurt.
  4. Another good thread. I didn't think it would and for some reason still don't. I guess it makes sense both booking wise and kayfabe wise, but I still just can't imagine those two going first, unless the whole night is pretty much built as "can Bryan do it?". I had this feeling it would go right before the title match so Bryan is at his most vulnerable and is built as the beaten underdog.
  5. It's worth it to remember that going back to the early days of wrestling promotion, the curtain jerker was the second most-important match on the card. The reason for this was because, while people bought the ticket for the main event, it was the opening match that set the tone.

    And, if you're worried about HHH's ego being hurt, don't be. I have a feeling that, assuming he loses to Bryan in the "play-in" match, he'll still play a role in the WWEWHC match. Again, just a hunch.

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  6. If it went on right before, it's too obvious that HHH is losing. If they want to build drama as to who's winning, it has to be booked so HHH has "recovery time", also.

    And the whole night's gonna be about "can Bryan do it?" no matter what happens. Changing the place of the match on the card isn't going to change that. Literally everything else on the show is secondary to the Bryan/Authority/Batista/Orton spectacle.

  7. So they should treat the situation as one big main-event imo. Get everything else out of the way in the first 3 hours. Hype, video package, entrances, etc, kills 5 minutes. Then Bryan beats Hunter in a 20 minute match. Celebrations, reaction, Hunter leaving, Orton & Batista entrances, etc, kills 10 minutes, giving Bryan a quick breather. This leaves 25 minutes to do the triple threat match and the closing :yes: celebrations.
  8. Yea, needs to open the show because HHH doesn't have the best cardio these days.

    Wait, if he wins is he added to the main event? I haven't seen Raw lately.
  9. He added that stip last Monday after getting pissed off at Orton and Batista insinuating that Bryan would beat him.

    Then went on to attack Bryan to close of RAW, kayfabe injuring him (something about shattering or dislocating his shoulder). Really swell build up.
  10. Yea, just can't bring myself to care about anything Bryan does. You watch 2 eps of Raw in 2014 and get a years worth of DB.
  11. You can go without Bryan. I can go without Hunter all over my screen. No disrespect towards HHH but he is not who I want to watch wrestling in 2014.
  12. I really don't care about anyone's opinion on Triple H. It is just funny to me that people can find a way to hate on the dude lol.
  13. I don't hate. I just find that he is past his shelf life as an in ring character and should transition into the backstage role more.
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  14. And I could not disagree more. 2013 he invented a completely fresh, hilarious and entertaining character but you call for him to be off screen. Just doesn't make sense to me.
  15. Because I do not find it fresh. It is still in essence the same "Triple H, da game on top" character that he has portrayed since the turn of the millennium. If he wants to keep being the game, he should turn part time/special attraction like in 2011-2012, that worked. The authority figure heel cannot be the game and come out on top time and time again. Because the authoritative heel is in essence and basics a foil for the bad guy, and needs to lose more than he wins. Look at Vince, big bad, but he was always thwarted or foiled by whatever babyface he was feuding with at the time. Wheras Hunter somehow remains with a vice grip on the roster for 6 months plus. One can argue that it only means that the pay off will be bigger, but it also means that it can also cause more damage to HHH than average by the "the higher they are" principle. And active in ring competitor can regain his momentum fairly easy once he has fallen, an authority character can not as easily.

    But I digress since I've never been particularly big on Hunter.
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  16. Agree to disagree I guess? I don't see how anyone can think HHH's gimmick from Summerslam until recently was anything similar to his game persona, but great, glad you have an opinion and posted it.
  17. Agree to disagree.

    And you are correct that it is not the same as the game. But I feel like he should go all the way if he wants to be an authority figure. But that's just me I guess.
  18. I didn't want him to revert back to being this billy badass character, but it seems he has based on what I've heard of Raw this week. I agree he should have stayed as the pity face bandit just talking about what was best for business and showing off his hot ass wife.

    It was FRESH like I said and still had a lot of run left IMO. Now he's back to square one and then what after he puts DB over? This culmination of this DB feud ruined HHH's awesome character. Thanks DB you little fag.
  19. DB and Triple and should open the show. I assumed this might happen, but then again, because of Triple H's ego, he might want the match to be seen as a main event match that takes place shortly before the Triple Threat. However, this match, although it is a main event type of match, can open the show as World Title matches have kicked off Mania. Plus, I feel it does set the mood for everything going on that night. Let the crowd go crazy....have Triple and DB battle for about 25-30 mins. Triple H kicks out of the running knee multiple times. DB kicks out of pedigrees. And, ultimately, let Triple H tap out. Great way to start Mania and let all the other matches fall into place. Great idea if you ask me.
  20. I have no problems with Hunter working a match each year. But I don't want to see him on every episode of RAW throughout the entire year. There's no need whatsoever. Unless you're doing something interesting, get of my screen please.
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