What if Cena loses at Fast Lane?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Now here me out. I know he is super Cena....BUUUUUT this is the last PPV before 'Mania. Could they have Cena lose to set up the bigger babyface win at WM? I'd like to see it.

  2. To be honest I feel it's going to be a DQ match and they'll go again at WM31.
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  3. I agree I would also like to see that happen
  4. I've been assuming since the match was announced for Fast Lane that this is the way they'd go. At Fast Lane, we'll either see Rusev win by "submission" (i.e. he puts Cena in the camel clutch and Cena refuses to give up and instead passes out from the pain) or Cena will get pummeled so badly on the outside that he's unable to make it back inside the ring by a ten count. And then in the subsequent aftermath, we'll witness Cena grumbling about how he let America and the US Armed Forces down, but then we'll see him go over Rusev in the rematch at Wrestlemania and get his redemption. They'll probably add the same Flag stipulation from last year's Summerslam to the match, too, to make the victory at the end more meaningful.

    To me, Rusev winning at Fast Lane is the only finish that makes sense. They're starting to portray Cena as this old, past-his-prime veteran who might not be able to get it done against a young, vigorous lion like Rusev, and having him lose the first match against him would enforce that perception. It would also in turn make his subsequent victory afterwards actually MEAN something since Cena would actually have something to overcome this time around.
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  5. Never bet against Cena, doe. He'll always overcome the odds.

    Doesn't matter too much what happens at a throwaway PPV like this one. We all know what's happening at Mania...
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  6. I don't really want to see it happen like that but it seems likely that either that or something like Lockard mentioned above will happen this Sunday.
  7. DQ/Countout/Interference-WM31 match-Ruzev's first loss(total SuperCena)

    Its a fact this is how it will play out
  8. Ahh, gotta love WWE's unpredictability.
  9. Come on, they wouldn't do something THAT shocking with this rivalry.
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  10. It'll go to Mania whatever happens, I'm happy with that because Cena hasn't been bad during this feud.
  11. I think the match will go like this:

    Rusev puts Cena in the camel clutch for an hour -> Cena gets thrown through 3 tables -> Cena is beaten with a barb-wired titanium chair on fire -> Cena gets beheaded by ISIS -> Cena overcomes the odds all of a sudden with an AA outta nowhere
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  12. First Cena is gonna beat Rusev for the title, then he's gonna make a sex tape with Lana. Can Cena overcome the odds of pumping that ass full of Cenation?
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