What if Edge was never forced to retire?

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  1. Do you think he could have ever became a top top face? He began getting ridiculously over at one point. I miss the guy so much and thought it'd be cool to discuss what position he'd be in right now if he were still around. My guess is he'd still just be one of those top guys who puts people over often while still main eventing frequently.
  2. Well from a standpoint of the WHC, I highly doubt Daniel Bryan, Christian or Mark Henry would have got the WHC title runs they did.

    I think Orton would have though, likely doing a long running feud with Edge on SD!
  3. He would've eventually gotten injured again. If not, maybe he'd go after the WHC again, he was bridging 40 near retirement, so I'd imagine he'd lose the belt to someone else at SS maybe, then win it back at WM 28.
  4. Could of died from his neck injury really, sucked when he announced his retirement, his last match was at WM at it was the god damn opener, that sucked...
  5. Oh yes, he would of been so over.

    He was a great talent and the fans loved Face Edge.
  6. This is assuming he never had the neck injury in the first place...or that the surgery wasn't done properly

    Assuming no neck injury, he was being groomed to be a top face of the company and was over, putting on great matches.
    Its difficult to speculate, but I'd seen no need to push John Cena and Lesnar prefers being a d***head.
    Ultimately, he would have Cena's spot because Orton is just Orton

    Assuming the surgery had been a complete success, he'd still be injury prone but in a more glorified role than Jericho's current one
    After his surgery, something about him changed and his work rate fell, preventing a possible HBK type role
    His Kayfabe character somewhat mirrored HHH in terms of the 'dastardly deeds' he committed....
    So something between what Y2J and Trips are doing right now seem accurate to me
  7. If I remember my Edge shoots correctly he was planning to retire the year after either way so I don't think it would have had much of an impact.
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  8. I wonder how much it would have affected the rest of 2011. What if he didn't retire, so instead of him having his "going out on top" moment ADR wins the belt at Wrestlemania 27 as most people expected? Maybe that would have got Dorito more over (although now we know he doesn't have the talent to sustain it anyway). Would Del Rio have stayed on Smackdown and altered the Summer of Punk, since he wouldn't have to win MITB and rush into a title reign? If Del Rio is the top heel on SD, does that mean no Mark Henry push or Hall of Pain awesomeness? Would that have kept Randy from going over to Smackdown so they would have a top face, and spared us the Orton/Christian feud? Would Christian have had a World Title reign? How would that affect his legacy and how he is today?

    His retirement really created a ripple effect looking back on it. If he was still around, he'd just be another resented veteran. Glad he went out on top.
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  9. Has there ever been an edge and Christian reunion? If not that would of been cool to see
  10. Not a longer run but they did team up during the Edge vs Del Rio feud
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  11. He would have still been a top name because he had already been one for the previous four years but I don't think his continued presence on the show would have gotten in the way of newer stars like Punk, Bryan and Sheamus getting their push. The fact is, by the time he retired, Edge had already won a bazillion world titles and had so many big moments and feuds that I feel they would have of been intent on pushing other stars regardless. I personally think he'd kind of fall into the role Shawn Michaels fell into during his second run from 2002 to 2010, where he involves himself in big feuds and big matches (including challenging for the world title on occasion) for the remainder of his career to stay relevant, but hardly ever wins the world title (Michaels only had a one month reign with the WHC during his second run, and I think Edge would have more than THAT, but not much more. Edge's main time in the main event was already spent.)

    As for 2011 specifically, this is how I see that going: ADR still wouldn't have won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 27, because that match happened before Edge received the news of his forced retirement. But he may have won it at Extreme Rules and if that happens, he likely keeps the title well into the Summer and never wins MITB and never cashes in on Punk at Summerslam. ADR maybe feuds and retains the title against Christian before dropping it to Orton, who in turn drops it to Mark Henry as he did anyway. Or perhaps Edge keeps the WHC past ER and Christian turns heel and wins the title for a short time from Edge before dropping it back to him by the end of Summer, and then Edge goes on to lose the WHC to Henry himself. Or Edge just never loses the title at all during any of 2011 past Mania before dropping it to Henry in the Summer or Fall. Either of these three scenarios seem likely.
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  12. He was already on the decline in popularity before the injury. He had been as big as he was going to be.
  13. I don't think so, not the top guy anyways. The majority of his titles were the (IMO) lower level WHC. I think he only carried the company 3 times, and they were very short IIRC. He'd still be pretty popular
  14. Edge already had his moments. He held 2 money in the bank contracts, won the Rumble, Headlined Mania's, and won numerous world and WWE titles. Edge would be a seasoned competitor that main events PPV's, fights young talent, and puts them over now ad then. I can see him feuding with Bray Wyatt at Mania instead of Cena fighting him. Edge could've had another match with Taker at Mania, too.

    Can you picture Edge fighting against or with DB? Perfect. Hell, Edge could've became heel again and teamed with the corporation and fought DB a lot and other big names. Edge is very charismatic and fun to watch; whether he's playing a god guy or a bad guy, I feel fans would appreciate him and his talents as he's a veteran.

    Cesaro vs. Edge....now that would be fun to watch.

    Edge would've been a guy like Cena....he would've had the fan respect no matter what happens.
  15. he would have won the championship a few more times then maybe going on to become raw GM after that. well that's my guess anyway.
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