What IF Eric Bischoff got to buy WCW in 2001!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. What IF Eric Bischoff got to buy WCW in 2001!? Ok let said we go back to 2001 and let said Ted Turner give in and give Eric the TV Time that he wanted to buy WCW. By this having Eric and his group people would have got compury. With that how long does WCW last under Eric? And how different does that effect what WWE does in 2001? With WCW still a real compury that would mean WWE could not do that invetion storyline. So what do you think have been!? What do you all think!?

  2. Still would be out of business. They burried themselves in over priced talent at the end of their careers and burried and mistreated any of the home grown people.
  3. Well, look at it this way - WCW lost $15 million in 1999 and $62 million in 2000. That's $77 million in just two years. A pretty disastrous loss of income for any company. And this is when Ted Turner was still funding them. As soon as Bischoff bought the company from AOL Time Warner, the only way they would have stayed in business would have been like Vince McMahon and WWF/E, having to rely on the income they make from live gate/PPV/merchandise/licensing/etc., rather than some multi-millionaire/billionaire who owned the company.

    On top of that, the main reason WWF/E became a publicly traded company was because of Turner. By becoming corporate, they allowed themselves to avoid any situation like when they were a private company battling the massive funds that Ted Turner had for WCW. Without that advantage dead set against WWE anymore (the shoe would have been on the other foot completely here lol), would Bischoff have stood a chance? WWE was not only adding fresh blood to their roster (Cena/Lesnar/Batista/Orton/Shelton/Haas/Rico/etc.) but they could have used the funds they had to buy out any WCW talent they wanted.

    So yeah, unless Bischoff and company got their shit together and got their heads screwed on tight, then they wouldn't have stood a chance. Looking at all the evidence, they likely wouldn't have anyway. They almost certainly still would have gone under.
  4. The Hulkster would have just eclipsed Sammartinos record title reign, brother! :hogan:
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