What IF Hulk Hogan does NOT Turn heel in 1996!?

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  1. What IF Hulk Hogan does NOT Turn heel in 1996!?
    Ok so we all how great a move it was for WCW to turn Hogan heel as it was HUGE DEAL back then and this was before social media days. But WHAT IF Hogan did NOT join the nWo? How different would WCW look in 1996-1998? We all know also that if Hogan did not turn heel it would going to be Sting who turn heel. Now during this time Sting gimmick was changing from the blonde face sting to a more darker Sting but was not fully change into "the crow" gimmick we all know and like. But If sting had been one who turn instead of Hoagn how different would have Sting been? I know people may not thing that much would be different but think about this, If Sting turns heel who would be the regad to go up against the nWo? Sting was the guy who did that with the making of "the crow" gimmick. If he join the nWo that does not have been just my take on it. So what do you all think? Though?

  2. WCW never gets that huge boost in ratings without the Hogan heel turn. Hogan taking on a Sting-led NWO just doesn't provide the same pop for the company that a heel-Hogan did.
  3. Sting turning heel has never worked. I haven't seen hardly any of his TNA work but I hear that the attempts to turn him heel there have never worked either. He also just isn't anywhere near the icon of wrestling that Hogan is.

    Keep in mind that Hogan was considered to be in 'enemy territory' in WCW and many fans there in the South did not like him being there and even his former WWF fans saw him as a traitor for jumping. That's why the trio of Hogan/Hall/Nash worked well, because you had three guys who the WWF fans all saw as real life traitors for defecting, not to mention that the angle caught people's attention as well because it was first made out like it was WWF guys invading WCW. Plus, Hogan's promo at BATB '96 was very real, talking about the fans and the WWF (referred to as "the company up North") turning on him and people felt Hogan was coming from a real place and it caught their attention.

    Hogan had also already faced almost every villain there was in the WWF throughout his Hulkamania run (Iron Sheik, Piper, Orndorff, Andre, Savage, Slaughter, Sid, Mr. Perfect, Rude, Race, Funk, Volkoff, The Genius, Valentine, Earthquake, etc.) and even a few in his WCW run (Flair, Vader, Giant, Dungeon Of Doom, etc.) that him being the big hero against the NWO would have just been more of the same. Him turning to the dark side and being the big heel who needs dethroning by OTHER people playing the hero for once was a more interesting concept.

    All of these tangible things combined is what gave the angle the "spark" that it had that made people tune into WCW in droves.
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  4. WCW would have ended a lot sooner, which would have effected WWE in some way too, since a lot of WCW wrestlers went to WWE after the company got shut down, and we may have not gotten the Attitude Era as strong, or as long as it lasted.
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