WrestleMania What if John Cena loses once again at WM?

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  1. Let's say that even at this year's WrestleMania, Cena loses again to The Rock. How will that effect the WWE?

    And please, don't answer with "He won't lose twice", that's why I said 'Let's Say'.
  2. Hopefully he'll turn heel and beat Rocky at ER
  3. Maybe they'll have "Redemption Angle 2.0" except done right this time. Maybe they can take a hint from TNA
  4. Then he'll just qualify for another world title shot somehow for Extreme Rules and win it there. I doubt that's how WWE wants to put Cena over Rock though, with the stat between them being 2-1.

    If they wanted to turn Cena heel, then him losing AGAIN will be the way to finally make him snap. He could tease a heel turn even more leading up to the third match and then destroy Rock at Extreme Rules and go heel. It would be a hardcore match anyway and The Shield might even get involved because of being hired by Cena to help him out. Him trying to end The Rock's career on top of taking the title off of him would be sweet. Won't happen, of course.
  5. If he loses at Mania (.00001% chance) he would turn heel IMO. No other way to play it off. Not even WWE is dumb enough to have him job again, have Rock leave and be like "Cena still da best doe!"
  6. Maybe he leaves WWE forever and goes to TNA
  7. He'd win at ER. Him turning heel could also happen, but if he was to turn I'd prefer he turned at WM during the match.
  8. Let's say Cena loses again.That would mean his biggest superstar,face of the company losing three consecutives WM...what did they do last year? They brought back Lesnar , a huge draw so Cena could beat him and his fans were happy.Yaay.
    Let's say Cena loses again.Rock would drop the title soon,Cena would be feuding for a while with the new champ.And then win the title..till lets say..Royal Rumble , where he drops it to....Cm punk.But hey it doesnt matter , b/c hes gonna do something Punk couldnt do ...End Taker's streak.
    The point is ....Is the streak important enough to make his fans and the IWT forget about his three consecutives loses at WM . I think so..In that case..I must choose between a title or a streak I say without a doubt....Please Cena,beat the rock at WM29
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