What if Lesnar never left?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. I saw this question brought up somewhere else, so I thought I'd bring it here. If Lesnar had never left the WWE in 04, how do you think the company would be today? Different or similar?

    I've heard that the spot that Cena has was originally supposed to be Lesnar's. So that would be a MAJOR difference.
  2. I doubt it would be much different. You could tell Brock was never in it for the long haul like Cena/Orton etc. if it wasn't the NFL or UFC he would have left for something else shortly after.
  3. I think it would be different. Lesnar would be top heel, it would make me wonder if Edge would have gotten the Money in the Bank or not, or if Cena would have been WWE Champion as many times as he did. I can't really explain it, but instead of having Cena as the top guy, I think Lesnar would have been used for top spots instead of Cena. Although if they always planned to change his rapper gimmick into what his gimmick is today, then I'm sure Cena would still get loud pops and multiple world title reigns. This is if he stayed in WWE and never left though.
  4. JBL never would have been created, Brock never would have gotten the chest tattoo, Lesnar probably would have been moved to Raw in the 2004 draft, the titles would have been unified at WrestleMania 21
  5. John Cena would have still ended up the top dog. He had (and still has) more natural charisma, mic skills, merch sells and is generally more relateable to the audience than Lesnar ever was. Batista's breakout in early 2005 was a hotter period for him than Lesnar ever had during his initial WWE run, and yet they still had he and Cena switch places on Raw and Smackdown (by moving Cena to the A-Show and Batista to the B-show.) Don't think that Lesnar being there would have prevented Cena's rise to main event level. In fact, I think it was speculated/rumored/confirmed that the original long term plan was for Orton to beat HHH for the WHC and for Cena to defeat Lesnar for the WWE Title both at WM21. Well, Orton flopped and they went with Batista instead, and JBL ended up dropping the title to Cena instead of Lesnar... which highlights one thing that WOULD have definitely been different, and that's JBL. He was pushed as the top heel of Smackdown primarily BECAUSE Lesnar left, leaving them without a top heel (and Angle was injured, so leaving them really without any main event level heel at all.) If Lesnar never leaves, the JBL gimmick ever existing is called into question, and he certainly never gets an almost year long WWE Title run.

    Assuming Lesnar stayed, he would have feuded with Cena a few times, we would have gotten Lesnar/HHH much earlier than we did, Lesnar would have gotten a streak match with Taker at Mania at some point (and probably a few other PPV matches with him as well), we would have already gotten Lesnar/Batista, Edge would have still broken out as a superstar and as a babyface would have likely feuded with Lesnar at some point, etc. So yeah, there'd definitely be a shakeup and I don't see Cena/Orton/Edge having as many ridiculous amounts of title reigns as they did, but I don't see it being much different as to who the face(s) of the company is/are.
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  6. Cena would still be Lesnar's bitch, regardless of him making it to the top or not.
  7. If Brock had stayed he would still be at the top today but he hated the travel and he was missing out seeing his daughter grow up thats why he left
  8. He wouldn't have surpassed Cena as THE top dog, but he definitely would've racked up more title wins and more memorable moments/feuds/matches. But other than that, I don't think much would have changed.
  9. I doubt he'd have been the face of the company tbh even his big moment at WM 19 didn't draw too well, he'd have been a top dog sure but the guy? Probably not.
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