What IF Lex Luger wins the WWF/E Champion in 1993!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. What IF Lex Luger wins the WWF/E Champion in 1993!? Ok that are all different time precords when people thing Luger was going to win the WWF/E Champion but for this What IF we will go with the one that is most talk about, Ok so in 1993 we all know Bret Hart loses the WWF/E Title at WM9 in 1993 ended Bret Hart 1st WWF Title Run, however we all know how ending go with Hogan winning title from back from Yokozuna shortly after beating Bret at WM9. Then Hogan lose it to Yokozuna at the 1993 King of the Ring. Now I know there we talk about Bret vsing Hogan at 1993 SummerSlam for the WWF Title but we are not going to go there for that here for this What IF! the main event was Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna for the WWF/E Champion at SummerSlam now we all know the ending was a Count Out win for Luger which does not get him the Title. But What IF WWE let him Luger win the Title here!? How different id WWF going forward into the next 3 years!? How does Luger become the WWF Champion effect future WWF Champion like Dezal aka Kevin Nash, HBK!? I mean Luger left WWF in 1996 to go back to WCW but if he wins the WWF Champion then maybe Luger does not leave the WWF!? What do you all think!? Though?​

  2. Things don't turn out really any differently in my opinion. Lex was supposed to win the title at Wrestlemania X but Bret was gaining in popularity and momentum and they went with him instead. This most likely still works out the same way. There was a difference in what the fans wanted in the top superstars around this time, as they were especially getting bored with the vanilla, bodybuilder-type baby faces of the 80's like Hogan (and Luger represented just that to the audience, even down to being an All-American.) It's not a coincidence that no one was able to get back to Hogan's level until guys like Austin and Rock came along, who were the complete opposite of guys like Hogan and Luger and even Bret Hart.
  3. like i said in this What IF thread, I know there are many times were Luger was "sopost to win the WWF Champion but I when with the most talk about and most comfuale one he was sopost to win and that was SummerSlam of 1993 not the Rumble of 1994. though that are roomer and throth of him winning the wwf champion at WMX there is no prove that he was sopost win it? However SummerSlam the storyline was sopost to him just beating Yokozuna for the title but that made the chice for him to win by count out and not win title b/c that did not wanted Yokozuna look weck. I do think if Luger did win the title at summerslam it would hvae changed future champion. now i don't think Bret Hart would have been lost since he was WWE Champion already one form 1992-1993 at that time, but i do think Bret would have been as big as he become. And i don't think Kevin Nash would have won the title in 1995 if Luger have won the title at summerslam b/c that would been high on him and and Bret Hart. so i really think were looking at of different WWF going into the Attitude Era.
  4. Like I said, Luger lost momentum and so not much was likely to change even if he did win the world title. People were not interested at the time in roided up bodybuilder types like Luger, and besides, the steroid scandal flaring up again (the trail happened in 1994) would have caused them to take the belt off of Luger anyway. Even after the trial, WWF still feared there were eyes on them and so opted to push smaller guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Diesel was given the belt because he wasn't on the juice and as Nash himself said, he was the same size after the steroid scandal as he was before it, so he would slip by.
  5. u still not hearing me if Luger won title he would have been more of a star for WWE so that would have try to keep him like Bret like Nash. and keep him away from WCW but b/c he never won the WWF Champion WWF never really need him more forward.
  6. You're not hearing me. When the steroid scandal came out, WWF couldn't afford to have muscled up guys headlining the shows because they had to have people believe that no one was really on the juice (and Luger certainly was, he admitted it years later.) Winning the title MIGHT have made him a bigger star, maybe. But that title would have been taken off of him and put onto someone else just as soon as the heat came down. Luger also still jumps anyway because Ted Turner's lucrative contract was too great to turn down. Hall and Nash took the deal, so would Luger. In the long run, nothing changes, except Luger's name is part of the WWF Title History for a short period of time.
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