What if part 1.


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This is a new thing I’m starting. I’ll tell you what I thought would have happened as well.

First one I’ll talk about is rvd in 2006.

What if he never got busted smoking weed?? Well this is going to be a short one.

I think rvd would have carried the ecw title into wrestlemania 23. And he would have either faced a heel Bobby lashley. Or cm punk. I think lashley would have been on the ecw brand regardless, Cena wasn’t going anywhere on raw, Batista was still the guy on Smackdown, Lashley Had the typical look that vince loved but Smackdown and raw already had top guys, I think lashley would have beaten rvd for that title at wrestlemania 23. Either that or cm punk would have turned heel and challenged rvd for the title, or I could see a scenario where they actually turned rvd heel instead,
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