What If People Weren't Allowed To Bring Signs?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. As the thread title says, if WWE enforced a rule that said that they no longer allowed anyone to bring signs into the arena at any of their shows (replicas of championships belts, MITB briefcases, and foam fingers and the like being an exception of course, since WWE actually makes money from selling those), would you actually mind or care? I ask because I find most signs annoying, and would find them especially annoying if I were to actually attend a live show and had to deal with someone's gigantic waste of cardboard occasionally blocking my view.

    I became a fan of boxing just earlier this year, and I guess while it technically shouldn't matter any, it's refreshing to see just a crowd full of spectators watching and enjoying the in-ring action without seeing a bunch of 'em try to hold up their signs whenever they notice that the camera is on them. I was skimming through the NXT Takeover: Respect special on the Network and I didn't notice any signs there either.

    I know I'm probably just sucking the fun out of things, but I'm curious if anyone shared my extremely insightful view on this matter?
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  2. I wouldn't care in the least.

    I watch a lot of independent and international wrestling. And signs are about as common on those shows as unicorns. Only ROH has started to get signs but ROH has also started to develop a bonafide casual fanbase now since they stopped being an independent.
    Signs don't really add anything to a show or crowd. If a crowd is lively and reacts to the product that is really all that is needed.

    Besides, for every honestly good sign we get about ten huge cardboard heads or "Triple H fears Turkey Jizz" signs.
  3. If the signs along with the "What?" chant died, I wouldn't care at all.
  4. Then we wouldn't have gems like this:

    Khali looking so suave btw
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  5. Well, Okada > Cena is a no-brainer.
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  6. Signs do not add anything to the experience but I be lying if I said they never made me chuckle from time to time. I do find it a odd thing to take to a show not like you do it anywhere else.
  7. Some stupidity would have gone but some great things would have gone as well. I like signs and other things, some do amuse me on the other hand some make me mad. But I like signs and most of the chants of the crowd.
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  8. Signs add little to the feel of a show. But the little they do add, is pretty funny, from time to time.
  9. Damn that would be sweet.. Those annoying ass signs wouldn't be blocking my view when i attend shows then... They actually take the time to make those stupid signs to, at first i thought they were handed out at the arena.
  10. What if you made a decent thread from time to time? :pipebomb:
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  11. You actually take the time to attend wrestling shows?
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  12. wouldn't care.
  13. Whatever you say, Pokemon fag... :pipebomb:
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  14. As if Wrestling is any less gay LOL
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  15. I would say that signs increase the visibility of the product and the lengths fans will go to show their enthusiasm.
    I hate the trash that audiences have been pulling lately. Jumping the barricade, voicing their opinions and doing the wave is all just bush league.
    This sh*t isn't done at high school rallies so why are people suddenly so da*n ignorant? Worst off, they actually announce on twitter the night before of their plan to infiltrate the event.
    WWE is at fault for exposing the business and inviting these imbred jerks in and forcing the talent to bend backwards to appeal to the Universe.

    If you take away freedom of expression it is bound to manifest in uglier ways. It's times like this I wish kayfabe hadn't been broken.
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  16. How can you challenge the greatness of turkey jizz? Those signs are hilarious, but it really adds nothing but more cheap laughs on top of the product itself.

    I could care less if they have signs or not, I'm not attending events and the only way i'd have an issue would be if I was stuck behind the asshole holding the sign up
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  17. whatever
  18. It wouldn't be missed. I mean I have had some laughs at them in the past but they are so strict with them no anyways. There are plenty of people who don't use signs to draw attention to themselves or get noticed. Think of all the people who dress up or wear bright colors. Either way, it is something I don' mind staying or going.
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