What If RAW changed channels?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Like from USA to a channel that actually shows sports and is equally as mainstream as USA. Like TNA/TNT?

    Also, wasn't WWE going to come out with a new channel solely about WWE. And replay old WWE/WWF videos 24/7?
  2. How ironic if WWE ended up on TNT. Not that they would want to, because don't the people who own the station now hate wrestling? That's why they couldn't wait to get rid of WCW back in 2001 (which is a huge reason why WCW is dead now.) Why would they want to go there? They have a very good long standing and comfortable relationship with USA Network. They've been on USA ever since 1993, except for exactly five years (September 2000-October 2005) with TNN/Spike, who they said they never felt completely comfortable with for some reason. No reason for them to change really.

    And yes, they're currently trying to get the WWE Network launched, but seeing as how the content (wrestling-related stuff only) is pretty limited to an entire network/channel, it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. That's why no one has even picked it up yet.
  3. Kevin, that's not why at all lol that's all speculation.

    Sky sports have their own formula 1 channel when there is only one race a week. Lack of content means nothing. WWE can easily put on enough content on the network, it just isn't getting launched until later in the year.
  4. it'll probably be on Nick Jr. soon
  5. or what if SD went from scifi to TNT?
  6. Raw shouldn't change channels, they have a lot of space on USA and a very good relationship with them. Smackdown, on the other hand, I'm not sure. I don't think it's necessary, but if they want it in the future, they should worry about putting on better shows or making SD live before switching networks.
  7. Raw won't switch from USA. They are the most watched show on the network and make a lot of cash from it.
  8. They really just need to make Smackdown better lived or tape. The only reason why content on Smackdown sucks now is because creative is depressed about their ideas getting spoiled the next night so its like not worth trying.
  9. They should bring back UPN just so SD can be on it
  10. Nah SmackDown should die.
  11. No the people that run that show and Vince need to get their act together or gtfo :true:
  12. I was just quoting what people in broadcasting have said about it. It keeps getting pushed back because no one is picking it up. Getting someone interested would be pretty important in launching it in the first place.
  13. Fixed it for ya! :otunga:
  14. :true:
  15. Every single RAW is better than SmackDown. We're just more critical of RAW because we actually expect better as there has been awesome shows this year and last year. SmackDown has sucked for a long long time.
  16. This week, Smackdown looks better than Raw. There's also more hope for that creative team, as Stopspot says.
    Pretty sure that you'd say as well that last winter it was much better.
    When Wade Barrett and Mark Henry get healthy again, and maybe Sin Cara, Smackdown should be watchable, at least. (Or, they can put them on Raw and waste them :sad:)

    As you say, Raw only has one storyline, usually whatever Cena's doing. Everything else is just filler, and there's no point of watching it.
  17. The last time SmackDown was watch able, IE, I looked forward to seeing an episode like I do with RAW was when Jericho & Edge were feuding for the title.
  18. You look forward to Raw?
  19. He stays awake past mid-night just to watch RAW. So I'd say he does. :dawg:
  20. Yep because anything can happen on RAW.

    Even now I look forward to RAW, Bryan/Punk, Ace etc. Even if the show sucks it can be good. SmackDown just can't be good atm. If something big happens at OTL this week, the story-line will take place on RAW.
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