What If Reigns Dominated Lesnar The Way Brock Dominated Cena?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. Assuming Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble and goes on to defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXXI, what if their match was booked like the Brock/Cena affair at Summerslam, only in reverse? Instead of Brock being the one to dominate the match and then win after suffering very little offense from his opponent, it's Reigns who dominates Brock and takes at least 70% of the match for himself before putting Lesnar down? It would make it look like Reigns is a whole new different kind of animal since his return at the Rumble than before and would also be bringing things full circle from Brock's dominance at Summerslam where he won the championship.

    I'm not really advocating that this happen (although I posted this erratic opinion on another forum as a serious reply just to see what responses I would get out of it), just imagining the possibility.
  2. I seriously doubt that happening, I don't think they'd do that to the guy who conquered Taker's streak.
    Plus, Reigns doesn't deserve that, he isn't credible enough.
  3. This sounds terrible lol. Brock should never look that weak, plus how do you build up anyone to seem like any sort of threat to Reigns? "Super Reigns" is all anyone would talk (read: bitch) about.
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  4. I believe what you're suggesting would ultimately turn Roman Reigns heel.
    If calculated correctly (or arrogantly, whichever you pick), Reigns would win the Rumble, blow through his 'Fast Lane opponent, only to destroy Lesnar.
    It's far-fetched, but I could easily see Paul Heyman take Reigns on as his client and move from there.

    There are a lot of Lesnar fans out there. If Reigns destroyed Lesnar, they would smell the bullsh*t and possibly sh*t on the event right then and there.
    It's a stretch, but if Reigns' booking (prior to Mania) is too cookie cutter the fans will turn him heel. Unlike Cena, Reigns isn't fan friendly enough to overcome that.
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  5. There's just no way of Roman conquering The Beast, the way Lesnar did to Cena at SummerSlam. Not shitting on Reigns, but he isn't credible enough to just tear through the one behind twenty one and one.

    If by some miracle WWE manages to pull their heads outta their asses, and let Reigns switch from babyface to heel from time to time, then... I can see Heyman working with Reigns.

    We'll see if Reigns wins the Rumble, though, I'm still pulling for the push of the much more talented Ambrose and the return of D-Bry.
  6. Honestly, nobody has credibility in their 1st go around.
    The whole point of the match is to give Reigns credibility.
    Reigns isn't terribly charismatic, nor does he appear to have the upside of selling huge loads of merchandise. Those are his issues from my perspective.
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  7. I don't think that would go over very well. Plus, there's no need to diminish Lesnar like that, he can still be used later to build other guys... really don't think there's much upside.
  8. Yeah, I agree. That was kinda the point of my previous post.
  9. It just occurred to me that the Daniel Bryan smilie is so outdated that the figure still has a buzzcut and a goatee.
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  10. I'd say that me and my friend, Mark, would boycott the WWE but I don't think that would last long. I would definitely complain about it online though.
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  11. It doesn't matter, it's still awesome, bro.
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  12. On a lighter note... Will you please get your ass over to the Countdown Conundrum thread?
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  13. My only question would be how would Rollins fit in if Reigns beat Bork and went heel? Rollins is heel for at least the better part of the next year.
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  14. I don't think Reigns will be going heel any time soon. As a matter of fact, I think Reigns and Rollins will switch around the same time, Rollins will go babyface and Reigns heel (let's say around June/July next year, at earliest convenience).
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  15. Very good question. If the fans turned Reigns heel, as I predict, in this scenario one of two scenarios would occur:
    a) Reigns would become an even bigger heel, turned by the fans and supported by Paul Heyman. As sudden and unlikely as this may seem, if the male demographic turns Reigns heel at WM then adding Paul Heyman would make him a bigger asset than if he were a face.
    b) Reigns would, in effect, replace Brock Lesnar. Rollins had no problem attempting to cash in on Lesnar before, did he?

    If Reigns is turned heel, it opens the door for Dean Ambrose to take him down.
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  16. That's a good, plausible point.

    Can't say I wouldn't love it if either Ambrose or Rollins took Reigns down.
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  17. Actually Rollins wouldn't.
    I liken this to the Batista/Orton situation from 2004 (the difference being the heel/face dynamic: the heel dynamic is far easier to play off).
    Rollins is chosen as the heel incumbent, but it would be Reigns stealing Rollins, fire so to speak.
    It would be a happy accident that WWE would be forced to milk.
    Somewhere toward June's expiration date, Rollins would attempt to cash and fail. By then, he'd have drawn enough sympathy from the crowd to begin a face turn.

    My argument states that if Reigns did turn heel, he'd be given Heyman and a fairly long reign. Whomever is most over well into Reigns' reign would take hs a** down.
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  18. Well, if/when Reigns' heel turn comes to play and Heyman (possibly) joining him, they'd better make him look credible and badass, although it's gonna be hard, knowing that he's got a limited personality and not so great in-ring ability. Not shitting on Reigns, but he does need some versatility in his personality and in-ring work. If he's indeed their 'golden boy', though nothing's been set in stone yet, then they should invest in him with everything they've got.

    I would absolutely hate it if Rollins' MITB cash in wasn't successful. Doesn't matter who the champ would be during the cash in, but it needs to happen.
    I've said this before and I'll say it again, it'd be so awesome if they let Seth cash in on the future champ at WM31 (Reigns, quite possibly). But I doubt that's gonna happen.

    Best case scenario, WWE somehow manages to pull their heads outta their asses and decides to push the much more talented Ambrose (Rollins is outta that picture, since Rollins will be remaining heel for the next 8-10 months, give or take.) We'll see what happens in the end...
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  19. I'd say Lesnar just says fuck this and throws the belt right at whoever is in charge at the time and vacates the title on his own.
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